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  1. Ebeneezer Goode

    Extinction Rebellion

    How much violence is too much violence when getting them out of your way?
  2. Ebeneezer Goode

    Change UK (CUK)

    Do you think they're having second thoughts about the name?
  3. Ebeneezer Goode

    Chelsea Transfer Ban

    FIFA have banned Chelsea from signing players in the next two transfer windows for breaching rules in relation to youth players.
  4. Ebeneezer Goode

    Arsene Wenger has confirmed he will leave Arsenal at the end of the season

    Brendan Rodgers to replace him?
  5. Ebeneezer Goode

    Freedom of Expression

    Was it right to convict him under the Communications Act? Should he be jailed for this when he is sentenced? To what extent can we further regress as a "free" nation?
  6. Ebeneezer Goode

    Stephen Fry under police investigation...

    ...for blasphemy after branding God an 'utter maniac'. Why are the Irish so backwards lads?
  7. Ebeneezer Goode


    What can be done to help pull these poor Nordic folk out of the rotting carcase that is the European Union?
  8. Ebeneezer Goode


  9. Ebeneezer Goode

    Fessenheim Incident

    From what I can gather a French nuclear power plant has broken down with serious safety concerns after flooding, reactors had to be turned off because the temperature was out of control etc. The French media covered it up, the German media expressed some outrage, the French media covered the...
  10. Ebeneezer Goode

    The Jacket

  11. Ebeneezer Goode


    Nobody watching?
  12. Ebeneezer Goode

    21 year old who raped an 11 year old faces no jail time

    Imagine if the genders were reversed...
  13. Ebeneezer Goode

    "The Child-Rape Assembly Line"

    Harrowing shit.
  14. Ebeneezer Goode

    Hull City name change

    Hull's bid to change their name to Hull Tigers has been rejected again by the FA Council.
  15. Ebeneezer Goode

    Ireland v England

    Jones at RB oh lawd Hart; Jones, Cahill, Smalling, Bertrand; Henderson, Wilshere, Milner; Lallana, Sterling, Rooney.
  16. Ebeneezer Goode

    Italy v England

    Italy are unbeaten at home since August 2013.
  17. Ebeneezer Goode

    "But I am Sol Campbell"

  18. Ebeneezer Goode

    The Future of England 2.0

    Football Association chairman Greg Dyke today outlined new proposals to change the rules governing home grown players in English football. The recommendations are the latest in a series of initiatives identified as part of the England Commission, set up by Dyke in 2013 to look at ways of...
  19. Ebeneezer Goode

    The Youth Thread

    FA Youth Cup semi final first leg between Spurs and Chelsea is on ITV4 tonight, 7:45 ko.
  20. Ebeneezer Goode

    Team GB

    The FA had originally ruled out entering teams but has now written to the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh associations informing the FAs of their intentions and asking if they would like to take part. A British Olympic Association (BOA) spokesperson said: "We have received confirmation from...