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  1. CrazyImp

    Wycombe vs. Lincoln

    As this section of the forum is quite frankly weird and majorly outdated, I thought I would start this one. A point would be a decent result but I feel looking at the two XIs, we're capable of more. Think our starting XI is fairly cut and dried to be honest. Ginnelly might have played...
  2. CrazyImp


    Very close to becoming our new manager reports BBC Essex and Lincolnshire. Surprise motherfuckers.
  3. CrazyImp


    Woking (A) - DRAW Buxton/Bradford PA (A) (FAT) - WIN Barrow (H) - WIN Halifax (H) - WIN Grimsby (A) - LOSS 7/12 and hanging in there. Et vous?
  4. CrazyImp

    Whoaaaaa we're halfway there.....

    ....and in the case of Yellow and Swedes, you're most definitely living on a prayer, to quote famous philosopher Jon Bon Jovi. Now that the majority of sides have reached the 23-game mark, come and sit on CrazyImp's sofa, talk to me about your season non-league forum. Are you as a high as an...
  5. CrazyImp

    Matchday Thread - 22/09/15

    Good afternoon, I'm CrazyImp, and in the forum news today.... Wrexham fans get a little bit too excited after yet another regulation win: Some images have entered public circulation of Woking fans attending Scott Rendell's funeral at the start of the season: And one member of Boreham Wood's...
  6. CrazyImp

    Matchday Thread 08/08 - The TinpotVision Contest

    (*imagine camp Eurovision opening here, clubs flags flying in the air. I come on stage wearing a red and white cravatte, or something....hopefully this video of B2TF will inspire.) Hello, bonjour, guten tag, quickly as one season ends like Grimsby's inevitable play-off hopes, a...
  7. CrazyImp

    Match Thread - 11/04/15 - Easter Excitement! (Not really)

    Much like a Halifax fan near a 50p hooker - I'm getting it in early. AFC Telford vs. Lincoln Barnet vs. Halifax Braintree vs. Aldershot Bristol Rovers vs. Southport Chester vs. Dover Dartford vs. Nuneaton Eastleigh vs. Alfreton Forest Green vs. Macclesfield Grimsby vs. Wrexham Torquay vs...
  8. CrazyImp

    20/01 Mini Match Thread

    I won't do a full spectacular as there are only four matches, we can leave that for the weekend. Aldershot vs. Kidderminster Chester vs. Lincoln Dover vs. Wrexham Southport vs. Braintree Subplots: Will Andy Scott perform a modern miracle and win a game of association football? Will Lincoln...
  9. CrazyImp

    Did you miss me non-leaguers?

    I thought so thunderf**kers. (Please don't let any Halifax fan register. Kthxbye.)