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  1. Jonny Owen

    2018/19 League 1 Kits

    Looked for a thread on this already but can't find one. Ours are quite decent, home shirt is plain as fuck but the away top is lush. We should have gone back to white shorts with the home shirt though.
  2. Jonny Owen

    League 1 2017/2018 Kit Thread

    Ours this season are bloody gorgeous! Goalie kits less so gorgeous, might be because we don't have a goalkeeper to model them!
  3. Jonny Owen

    Play Off Semi Final: Barnsley vs Walsall

    Biggest game I have ever been to supporting Walsall since 2007 away to Swindon when we won the league. I hope we go attacking once again, Mantom doesn't offer much at the moment. With the more attacking formation of recent game we have actually conceded less goals than when we were more...