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  1. Braindead

    Current form

    Bored out of my tree I've looked up the last 10 games of form. It seems the top 8 are opening quite a gap with Bradford getting 21pts the best,and Gillingham 17 the worst.The other six getting 19 or 20. Out of the next 6 clubs Millwall surprisingly top them with 14 then Sheffield...
  2. Braindead

    Me Dad was great (BAFC) v Me Dad was even greater (DRFC)

    Burton going for 5th win on the spin,which would be their best run since entry to the football league. Got feeling this could end in tears for the Brewers as I reckon I was in nappies the last time we beat Donny, and under Ferguie they seem to be improving. I'll go for a hard fought 2-1 to...
  3. Braindead


    Just saying hi to all from another bandwagon jumping Brewers fan.Only joking have followed since me Dad took me in 1968 just because i was pissing me Mam off and he got me from under her feet,best thing he ever did.