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  1. JimmyD

    Cardiff vs Wolves (Live on SKY)

    He have been shit in our last 3... Can't see us anywhere near top if we continue like this..
  2. JimmyD

    Wolves vs QPR

    We won't go far with that defence... Lost a 2-0 lead..Unacceptable.. Last year,we almost made the playoffs due to our home..Now we have 4 goals in 2 matches at Molineux.. Shit
  3. JimmyD

    Wolves vs QPR

    2-0..We're looking really good... Still can't believe how they managed to keep Austin for another season..
  4. JimmyD

    Wolves v Hull City Tigers

    Fortunately,we have 12 players on the field..
  5. JimmyD

    West Brom v Man City - 20:00 Mon 10th Aug

    WBA's defence is a joke...They could have easily avoided that corner..
  6. JimmyD

    Europa League 2015/16

    Actually,has anyone think that they might not want to play in Europa League this season? Extra fixtures in a competition they won't won.. I'm not saying they will lose on purpose ofc,but lets be serious.. It didn't go well for Everton last season..Didn't enjoy their best season in Premiership...
  7. JimmyD

    How big a stadium could your club have?

    Plus the Red/Blue stripes would be awful
  8. JimmyD

    Hereford FC 2015/2016.

    Oh i see...Thanks
  9. JimmyD

    Hereford FC 2015/2016.

    Help me out a bit here...Is your current league,the league that Wolverhampton Casuals are playing?
  10. JimmyD

    Europa League 2015/16

    Rough start for Bilic that's for sure..It's not only the results,they're playing like shit as well..
  11. JimmyD

    Europa League 2015/16

    Bath City definitely better than them...
  12. JimmyD

    Season Predictions

    The team that surprises us all and does very well? Huddersfield The team that starts off great but then falters as the season progresses? Reading The team that will be up there all season then mess it up right at the end? Derby The team that will be fighting against relegation when they...
  13. JimmyD

    Fixture you are most looking forward to next season?

    Well,i'm pretty sure you won't be anywhere near "fucking us over"... Plus,my next girlfriend proved to be a much better choice :whistle:
  14. JimmyD

    Fixture you are most looking forward to next season?

    PNE Ex girlfriend was studying there a while ago..Didn't like the place,don't like her.. Would be glad to see us kicking their arses..
  15. JimmyD

    Hand on Heart , How Do You Think You'll Do?

    Somehow i'm not that confident this year...I think we will miss the playoffs again this season.. Probably somewhere between 8th and 10th.. Sako's absense will hurt us a lot,no doubt.. Prove me wrong team
  16. JimmyD

    The Promotion Chasing Thread

    Must win game for us against Watford..If we beat them,we'll be back in the game.. Ipswich/Brentford will be a cracking game as well..
  17. JimmyD

    Championship TFF'ers

    Wolves fan here
  18. JimmyD

    The 92 by rivalry...

    Is Coventry-Leicester such a big rivalry?
  19. JimmyD

    Stickied Italian Football

    They needed a back-up striker after Giovinco's departure..
  20. JimmyD

    Arsenal in crisis

    Really?So we can expect huge bids for average players...Nice one..Good bargaining chip for agents..