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  1. Deuce_Bigalow


    Anyone given this a try before? Me and my girlfriend are trying it in Vietnam for the first time in Decemeber. Would be nice to here some others experiences. Picure in before anyone else.
  2. Deuce_Bigalow


    Braintree (A) Aldershot (H) AFC Telford (H) Gateshead (A) Nuneaton (H) Bristol Rovers (H) Play like we have done and we will finish March with 0 points. Will take optimistically say 15/18, just to make it entertaining.
  3. Deuce_Bigalow

    The Workout thread

    Got some good advice from this on TFF so thought it would be good to start it back up again. I've got a bit of a belly on me at the moment, am i best working on getting rid of that first before starting to gain some muscle?
  4. Deuce_Bigalow

    Match Thread 17/1/15

    Hopefully some of you have all made it over here! Currently we are defending well at Kidderminster and not really creating much, typical away performance from us!