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    Horse Racing Tutorial: What You Need to Know About Horse Race Betting

    The recent bad press over Gordon Elliot has thankfully been dissipated by the wonderful Rachael Blackmore,we must remember that the vast majority of horse racing fans.gamblers owners,trainers,stable lads and jockeys love their horses.Nobody epitomised this more than Laura Brooke so tragically...
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    Lee Collins

    The late Bill Shankly said'Football is'nt a matter of life or death it's much more important than that' I admired his footballing sides, and his sense of humour but he must have regretted saying that,Lee's death highlight that there ARE things more important than Soccer. Yeovil did the right...
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Apparently he's applied for the first manned mission to he'll be at home down Aggborough way.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Could be signlng for March Town United or Wisbech Town any day now The Greenest notes in Nailsworth He won't be attending King's College soon then.
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    Stickied Confirmed Signings

    Does your owner still accept the new lanolin coated £5,£10 and£20 notes in exchange for vegan hot dogs ,burgers admission money etc. or is he old school and principled and will only accept coins of the realm old £20 notes,cheques and virtual methods of payment.
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    I have more clubs than Peter Crouch but I know Aston Villa are in my heart and Halesowen Town...

    I have more clubs than Peter Crouch but I know Aston Villa are in my heart and Halesowen Town are my family the day I lose interest in the footie results is the time to cremate/dissolve me.
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    Apparently Real Madrid,Barcelona and Juventus are clinging to the hope that the ESL will survive, unlike the other rats who have deserted the sinking ship faster than you can say Carlos Ancelotti!!
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    League Two 2020/21 Team of the Season.

    Too many Cheltenham and Cambridge players for my liking there must be influential players in the bottom half of the table who are stars in struggling teams.Admire your criterion for picking the team though.
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    Any Jota fans here?

    Diogo Jota has had a great career at Wolves ,and so far a promising one at Liverpool, he has adapted to playing with higher quality players well and if he recovers his form after injury is just the kind of player that Aston Villa are looking for in the close season!
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    National League 2020/21

    Haven't heard any news but Stranraer is the plum tie set in the beautiful Galloway countryside
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    Can't believe the collapse of the deck of cards so fast,just a vanity project to get Real,Barca and United out of debt.
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    Lee Collins

    The loss of a young life is always tragic,I contemplated suicide at 18 and have struggled with mental health ever since,thank God for fellow Aston Villa supporter William and his wife Katherine brother Harry and son George the debate has moved on.Sadly cases like Lee are all too common he wasn't...