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    Season tickets

    Went on Sale last week...Shifted just over 2k
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    Any one care to share whats happening at your club????????
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    Frank Worthington

    RIP to a legend.......And the scorer of the best goal in Boltons History
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    For the attention of Indian Dan

    Its 26 years to the day you lost your league cup semi final second leg at Burnden park.
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    Saturday 23rd march

    Our game away to FGR has been selected to be on sky sports 12pm kick off
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    Thon Big Telly

    Bolton v Salford on sky this Friday.....Now who will be wanting a Bolton win....Maybe even Devon Lad admit it son Who wants a Salford win Proberbly Tranmere,Oldham and Southend......Who does not care going for Port Vale and Bradfert
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    Salary cap

    Read that players signed before this is implemented will be counted as earning £1.8 00 a week..£68k a year.... In effect players such as Doyle will have very little impact to our coming £1.5m budget. Bolton and Salford who have recruited early will be at a great advantage compared with clubs...