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  1. LS Bantam

    Bradford Grimsby, match FRED

    Hey, remember at the start of the season when it wasn’t just Swindon fans who were obsessed by us but Grimsby too? Well let’s rekindle those top bants with our very own thread. McCall back, would like to see 442 with Donaldson and Novak (/Devitt as a 10), Connolly and new lad from Rangers out...
  2. LS Bantam

    Bradford City v Swindon Town

    Neither team at full strength, 1-2 away win.
  3. LS Bantam

    Bradford Carlisle *witty shoddycollins thread title TBC*

    Only three points separates us going into this after the preseason slitting of wrist predictions from the Carlisle lot, I’ll say we have enough to win tomorrow but our dire centre mid gives literally anyone a decent shot at beating us this season. Bowyer never ever ever plays our strongest...
  4. LS Bantam

    Grayson leaves Bradford

    Grayson leaves having only joined four or five months ago after his list of demands (improvements) have clearly not been met by the board. How long until we can have a ‘Charlton Circus’ esk thread for ourselves? Sign the bloke with the best CV in the league and don’t let him implement the...
  5. LS Bantam

    Walsall vs Bradford

    No thread yet for the biggest fixture of the weekend?? Not expecting great things, McCall to tinker again with the attack and maybe see Gillead and or Alex Jones come in from the start, Charlie Wyke's still not fully ready. I'm going, which normally results in us losing or a dull low...
  6. LS Bantam

    Scunny Bradford and it's ont' telly

    No idea how this will finish - Scunthorpe the home side and probably favourites, us the draw specialists or us in decent enough form against one on a bad(ish) run to find an away win. Goalie Doyle was on Irelands bench Vs Wales and should fly back to play but Cullen (arguably our best...
  7. LS Bantam

    Charlton vs Bradford (#draw)

    Europe's draw specialists (16 (CA) draws to 17 (BC)) - Prediction? 0-0
  8. LS Bantam

    Bradford lads on tour in Warsaw

    The old Warsaw, Walsall gag. A trip to the Bescot/Bank's stadium this Saturday for a Bradford side that couldn't score in a brothel. A striker in January can't come quick enough and maybe our best bet is the curse of the ex this weekend with Hiwula converting one of the five hundred chances he...
  9. LS Bantam

    Bratfud Norfampton

    Jekyll and Hyde performances in our last two and wouldn't like to call this one. Lots of localised flooding so hopefully it's on, more so because there are a number of tributes planned for our all time record goal scorer Bobby Campbell who passed away last week
  10. LS Bantam

    Bradford City Vs Rochdale

    We're without Colin Doyle in goal and Josh Cullen (centre mid) after they were called up by Ireland, I don't think we've played the same 11 two games in a row yet? Defence roughly picks itself, midfield likewise, upfront is a weekly lottery as to who starts. Score draw for this one.
  11. LS Bantam

    OxFord Vs BradFord, sponsored by Ford

    Away to Oxford for Bradford City this weekend. City take their unbeaten record with them and will be targeting 3 points again to possibly go top (why don't you chill out this weekend Josh Morris pal). After a run of playing some nice stuff but only managing draws, we've put in some less...
  12. LS Bantam

    Match Day Chesterfield Vs Bradford City

    Tuesday nights win against Fleetwood ended five successive draws despite probably being the worse we've played, still unbeaten but we really need to sharpen up in front of goal (I don't think we've scored more than once from open play all season in a game). Defensively we still look nice and...
  13. LS Bantam

    Match Day Bradford Fleetwood, choosdi night

    Well we're still unbeaten but after five straight draws the thought of 'what could've been' grows more and more as our increasingly predictable failure in the final third holds us back. On the flip side we're looking really solid at the back, some stat on Twitter saying we've not conceded more...
  14. LS Bantam

    City Vs City, Cov Bradford

    Having missed a truly unbelievable number of chances on Saturday add in there a goalkeeping nightmare, we've blown any outside chance of automatic promotion, more so given Walsall's late win. This fixture more often than not finishes in a draw, which is where I believe we'll end up tonight, 1-1...
  15. LS Bantam

    Peterborough Vs BCAFC

    No thread yet, probably left so that a mug like me creates one, only to highlight another pathetic performance and almost certain defeat. 3-0 home win, prediction reduced from 5-0 following the other nights extra time.
  16. LS Bantam

    Bradford City v Barnsley

    'Thrilling, a joy to watch, a spectacle' - the words no Bradford City fan have said for the best part of a year, for a league game, even longer still. Expect this trend to continue tonight, in the rain. I would imagine Barnsley are strong favourites but despite our dross goal scoring, we are...
  17. LS Bantam

    Walsall 2-1 Bradford

    668 minutes without conceding, 7 straight clean sheets, 10 games unbeaten - will it all end at the Bescot? Confidently I'll say no, despite Walsall's excellent start, 0-2 away win. The back 5 will be unchanged, Reid and McMahon will play left and right, but centrally is less predictable. Evans...
  18. LS Bantam

    The Gary Jones memorial cup - RFC v BCAFC

    A quick Bradford City summary of the season: - Player confidence is rock bottom - Fan confidence in PP is rock bottom - We can't score - We have two keeper who are equally bad - We don't create anything - Our best players are dropping like flies to long term injuries - We're bringing out a...