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  1. Ernesto

    Moderator Applications Open

    Time for me to step up and help out I feel. I’ll take any forum. I am here to help!
  2. Ernesto


    ‘Nintendo’ hahaha that’s a reference only long term fans of the forum would get
  3. Ernesto

    ShoutBox Feuds (First Event: Friday July 3rd - 7PM BST)

    Yes let’s get the clique back together for this. 5 years in the making
  4. Ernesto


    Could we have consoles instead of cash prizes?
  5. Ernesto

    Stickied The Mental Health Thread.

    Cheaters are scum imo. Mental health doesn’t excuse that as we all have agency. Choosing a bit of momentary pleasure over betraying a loved one is inexcusable.
  6. Ernesto

    internet forum admin goes insane; destroys once loved community

    Anyone see what’s happened to the Something Awful forums? Turns out the owner is a complete piece of shit and a regular beater of women. Looks like the whole forum might end due to one man’s insanity, ego and sociopathic tendencies.
  7. Ernesto


    who are you
  8. Ernesto

    The 'wow this place is still alive' thread

    Hi guys just an idea but every time you consider logging on here and bemoaning the downfall of a once-great community how about stopping by and just saying hi. Wow this place is still alive
  9. Ernesto

    Site crashing

    Fuck off with this ‘cry me a river’ bullshit. Some of us haven’t forgotten #nintendogate
  10. Ernesto

    Match Day QPR 1-4 PNE

    No way we're gonna be able to hold on to Pearson. If we got 10 mill for Hugill I'd want 15-20 for Pearson.
  11. Ernesto

    Has 1FF/TFF died?

    Good to see someone running a forum who actually likes the community aspect of it, other than running it in order to flog people crappy business ideas and gambling affiliates.
  12. Ernesto

    Has 1FF/TFF died?

    I mean the downfall was obviously #nintendogate
  13. Ernesto

    FIFA 19

    Rotate your images, n00b
  14. Ernesto


  15. Ernesto

    PNE vs West Brom

    I'm excited for L1 tbh, a whole bunch of new away grounds to visit.
  16. Ernesto

    Accas - a mugs game?

    Sorry betting newbie here, what is 'BTTS'?
  17. Ernesto

    PM Problems

    Yeah he’s an absolute loser ain’t he
  18. Ernesto

    Things We Hate

    Cycling. It's not a sport it's a mode of transport, and one used exclusively by nobs more or less.
  19. Ernesto

    Wearing Bibs

    Your mum seems to think so.