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  1. Ernesto

    internet forum admin goes insane; destroys once loved community

    Anyone see what’s happened to the Something Awful forums? Turns out the owner is a complete piece of shit and a regular beater of women. Looks like the whole forum might end due to one man’s insanity, ego and sociopathic tendencies.
  2. Ernesto

    The 'wow this place is still alive' thread

    Hi guys just an idea but every time you consider logging on here and bemoaning the downfall of a once-great community how about stopping by and just saying hi. Wow this place is still alive
  3. Ernesto

    Good Guy list 2: the gooder

    Ok guys it's 2018 and one of the best features of all time is returning! I will send out a deluge of PMs BEGGING for lists shortly, but for those that don't know this list is a list of the very best 1ffers (plus Dave for some indecipherable reason). All I ask of you is a list of your top 1, top...
  4. Ernesto

    Happy New Year!

    Hi friends I am glad to be here, happy new year and I hope everyone is good. I am Ernesto and I am delighted to make all of your acquaintances.