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    Wigan 3-1 Dackburn

    Shagged em with half our first team injured. Venkys out!
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    Blades v Latics

    Our first choice front four (Grigg, Powell, Jacobs, Massey) all out injured, Wilder has shit himself over Evans and blocked him from playing while his would be replacement Gibson is suspended. Paul Cook continues to refuse starting McManaman despite him being our only fit attacker with proper...
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    Blackburn v Sheff Utd

    After a rigorous selection process, I’ve decided to take this one in on the red button. So if anyone plans to watch then I apologise in advance when it ends goalless.
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    Wigan Swansea

    The dominos is ordered for 7.30, the cans are in the fridge and I’m ready for my first midweek Championship red button experience! Our games have been awful to watch for the past month since we lost Massey to a long term injury so I wouldn’t recommend any neutral to tune in. Got the feeling...
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    Wigan v Forest

    Team will probably have a couple of changes from Villa, Evans in for Connolly and Massey for McManaman. Byrne will also come in for James either in this game or at Stoke. This will be tighter than the previous two games. Forest are a top team so I wouldn’t despair at a point. 1-1.
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    So...did you miss us?

    Well we’ve smashed League One once again and we’re back for another crack at that thing they call the Championship. This time with a far better manager. Last time we beat Man City and won L1 in the same season, we got to the Prem two years later. So beware!
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    FA Cup Round 6

    Well the rest of you losers have been dumped out, leaving us to represent on our lonesome. Wish us luck!
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    FA Cup Round 5

    Calling Fedora Dale do you copy?
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    FA Cup Round 4

    Latics, Rochdale, Peterborough and MK Dons all involved. Good luck to all.
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    Argyle v Good Latics

    Been dreading this one since we drew against Bournemouth. Two days rest between the replay and this game. Last time we played away from home following a gruelling cup replay we got walloped at Doncaster a few years back. Thankfully quite a few key players such as Nick Powell, Nathan Byrne and...
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    Halfway Stage Report

    Right we're at the halfway stage of the season so how about a half time questionnaire. 1. Overall has the first half of the season been a success for your club? 2. Who has been your best and worst players of the season so far? 3. What has been your best and worst results of the season so far...
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    Wigan v Donny

    Must win. Grigg has to start. The end.
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    The Chinese Are Coming?

    I'm not linking an article from The S*n, but according to them, Uncle Dave might be flogging us to a "Wealthy Chinese Group". Sounds like Garry Cook may have done the job I bet he was secretly brought in to do this summer. No idea whether this has legs but one to keep an eye on. Never a dull...
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    Wigan v Walsall

    I don't like Walsall. Their fans treated it as a personal insult that we had the audacity to drop down into their league two years ago. Then they got their knickers even further in a twist when we flashed a bit of cash, invaded their pitch after a late winner and promptly won the league while...
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    Match Day Wigan v Bristol City

    Right, I don't want to hear any City fans come on here whining about how we'll easily beat you. However bad you think you are, we are worse. Personally I think both of us will be occupying the final two relegation places so let's just agree that we're both as bad as each other. I'd predict a...
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    Match Day Wigan v Sheff Wed (TV Game)

    Some good sub plots to this one, Cal Mac returns for the first time since leaving and will get a well deserved great reception from the home support. Both teams have a shiny new striker to show off, Will Jordan Rhodes and Omar Bogle feature at some point? I'd imagine both will start on the...
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    FA Cup 4th Round

    So whose off where this weekend then? I've not looked at the fixtures in detail but we have glamour trips for Brentford, Wolves and ourselves. Derby, Newcastle Huddersfield and Bristol City all still in as well. Good luck to everyone involved!
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    Match Day Burton v Wigan

    If ever there was a proverbial relegation 6 pointer then this is it. For both teams, a win for Burton sees them move 9 points clear of us and probably consigns us to relegation. I've always said that if we are to stay up we need to finish above Burton and I can't see us overturning a 9 point...
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    Match Day Wigan v Huddersfield

    If Huddersfield have learnt how to deal with Yanic they'll win easily. If not then we could potentially do what we did to them in November. Draw doesn't suit either team so I expect a decent game. 1-2 Hudders.
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    Battle of the Wooden Spoon!

    Rotherham v Wigan today, two clubs who know one or two things about pulling off a great escape. The winners can perhaps dream of kickstarting another miraculous act that will make Harry Houdini proud once again. The losers will surely be doomed to 24th place and a one way trip back to the...