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  1. BCFC Jordan

    City vs Fulham

    1 loss in 5 league games. 2 clean sheets in 3 matches. Fortress Ashton Gate. There's only one outcome here. 3-1 City. Wilbraham double with Flint grabbing a 3rd to round things off nicely. Matt Smith to request a transfer to Bristol City after the game. Happy days. COYR.
  2. BCFC Jordan

    Super 6

    I've set up a Super 6 league just for a bit of fun. Always worth having a go for a chance of winning 250 grand each week. The code is - 3JMSVW
  3. BCFC Jordan

    Match Threads

    Can we have them mixed in with the regular forum? The Championship forum always seemed very inactive last season when compared to the L1 forum, but I think a large part of that was because of the split sections. It's down to personal preference, I guess, so I'll add a poll to see what the...
  4. BCFC Jordan

    Time for New-Gen console

    Finally feel like the new consoles are worth buying but can't make up my mind on which one to get. I adored my 360 but the One originally got a lot of bad press. However, Microsoft seem to have rectified a lot of the problems and it's now going cheaper than a PS4 and has backwards compatibility...
  5. BCFC Jordan

    League One Manager of the Season

    With the 46 game season finished, I'm curious as to what the general consensus is on this forum for who deserves the accolade?
  6. BCFC Jordan

    Dark Souls

    Anyone played this game? I've not been on my 360 for over a year and had bought both this and Bioshock:Infinite a while ago, and never got around to playing it. I see that the game on PS4, made by the same studio, Bloodborne, has been getting rave reviews so I decided to start up my 360 last...
  7. BCFC Jordan

    Roll Call

    Who's here from TFF? Or anywhere else for that matter. I'll compile a list in this post of each club's fans. Barnsley (2) - Craig, Jamo Blackpool (1) - SeasideKurt Bradford City (5) - Spike, Mighty_Bantam, Dolph Ziggler, Cas, F-I-R-T-H-Y Burton - Bury - Chesterfield (13) - SpireiteDan...