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  1. LordJord

    Cobblers V Vale

    Now our cup run has come to an end its time to focus on the league. We have the second best home record in the league, with the best home goal difference. Vale rank 19th in terms of away form so on that alone I can be optimistic about a home win. I feel like we have played a ton of games over...
  2. LordJord

    First five games - Stats

    So as the season is slowly starting to get going now thought I would do a 5 game review on team / player performance. If there is anything you are particularly curious about do let me know and I can look into it also. First things first, looking at expected goals for v expected goals against...
  3. LordJord

    Week 2 Stats and Facts

    After the pretty positive feedback from week 1, below are a mixture of figures from the second week of league 2. Anything you would like to see or curious about let me know and I will try and dig it out. First post will be a few bits and bobs around team performance. Individual player...
  4. LordJord

    Week 1 - Analytics

    So I am going full football nerd this year as I have grown ever more interested into the analytics side of the game. I am going to provide a little insight into the weeks fixtures that may not be obvious or reported because, well lets face it we are in league 2. The idea being that we can start...
  5. LordJord

    Rate your January Transfer Business

    We have had a mad window, 9 in and 9 out incredibly. We still have a first team squad of around 29, so needed to get rid of lots more deadwood. That being said we have shipped out a lot of experienced pros coming to the end of their careers and replaced them with youth and pace. Our team has...
  6. LordJord

    The we hate JED derby

    Both teams still recovering from spells under Edinburgh, although our problems started off before that to be fair, he just carried it on. We finally scored out first goals in 6 games coming back from 2 down to draw 2-2 against Rochdale on Tuesday. Making the trip for this one, its due to be...
  7. LordJord

    Football metrics

    I dont know if anyone is particularly interested but with things like expected goals creeping into the norm now this website is useful but looking at how your teams are performing. I know Brentford are massively interested in this side of things and are generally not worried when they are...
  8. LordJord

    Rob Page Sacked

    After losing 10 of 12 in the league. Also lost to stourbridge in the cup. Sorry it didnt work out and i tried to defend some of our performances but after Bristol Rovers on Saturday I finally lost all patience with him and glad that hes gone. Camping 10 men on the edge of your box each game is...
  9. LordJord

    Match Day The Matty Taylor Derby

    Not sure why some Matts become Mattys, but certainly applies to ours and Brizzles. Looking forward to this one after our win at Swindon. Rovers seem to have done pretty well so far, solid I think its fair to say. Can see us edging this one 2-1.
  10. LordJord

    Northampton v Southend

    Back to reality after our midweek game against Man United. Most of the fans Southend fans on here seem pretty down about Brown and the team in general which is good for us. Im assuming Page will make a few changes with us having played on Wednesday. Anderson and O'Toole in please. Going for...
  11. LordJord

    Northampton V Barnet

    Looking to continue our good run in this one and feeling pretty confident. Barnet have won only 5 points away from home this season I believe and we have been pretty good at home so far. That being said I was at The Hive earlier in the season when we put it an AWFUL display so always a chance we...
  12. LordJord

    The Ricky Holmes Derby (Northampton v Pompey)

    Cant wait for this one. Sell out crowd for sure. Assuming there a lot of Pompey fans that cant get tickets for it due to our stand issues. Both teams are on great runs of form and are scoring loads atm. I think if you finish above Pompey you will go up automatically. Last season Ricky Holmes...
  13. LordJord

    Luton V Northampton

    Crap thread title but cant be bothered to think of anything witty. Looking forward to this massively. Heading up with a load of mates and expecting a win based on our recent performances. Hoping for some pay back after the Guttridge 90th minute winner last season. Must say I expected Luton to...
  14. LordJord

    Northampton v Mansfield

    Looking forward to this massively. Not impossible this could be our last ever game! Our off the field issues are well documented but on the field the players continue to do the business so hopefully that will continue. Mansfield have been one of the shocks of the season for me, expected them...
  15. LordJord

    Wycombe v Northampton

    Still annoyed about last years result here where we conceded in the 98th minute or whatever. Wycombe going really well early doors while we have been steady. Still suffering with injuries to key players but grinding out results in the meantime. Not expecting a great game, would take a draw...
  16. LordJord

    Northampton V Plymouth

    Hoping to bounce back from our disappointing performance and result at Barnet. Plymouth will be full of confidence after their 4-1 victory against Carlisle. We dont seem to have a good record of Plymouth over the last few seasons. The game that stands out in particular was one of Chris Wilders...
  17. LordJord

    Football on 5

    Not sure if I have seen a show with such negative feedback on its debut. I think everyone agree it was absolutely awful. Slightly better yesterday, but taking 25 mins on the pompey game after it has just been on sky was a bit stupid. As was having Yeovil v QPR as a feature game, it wasnt a...
  18. LordJord

    Your league 2 team of the year

    So as the season is drawing to an exciting conclusion, I was wondering who would make it into your own team of the year. I await the standard how can you have player x in there and not player y who has been excellent for us this season. Well I see most players live twice a season at best so...