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    FAO Television Boffins

    I am about to enter the world of 4k Ultra HD, but I'm not that arsed about spending a ton so I'm after cheap and cheerful (eg sub £400). I don't do gaming because I'm a grown up so it literally just needs to be a TV. The two choices I've found so far are...
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    Had enough. Been living a lie.

    I really support Blackpool. That's it said it. Oh and toms a proper dick.
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    Help Destruction - Streaming mobile content to TV?

    Hello boffins, quick question. I've got the BT Sport mobile app on my phone (iPhone) and want to be able to watch it on my TV. Best way to do this? Chromecast? Roku? Amazon Fire? Apple TV? Helppppppp.
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    1FF Twitter

    What's going on with the Twitter account, have we paid for followers?
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    London Olympics was a sham

    Olympic chiefs have announced that 23 competitors at the London 2012 Games have failed retrospective doping tests. Those athletes are from five different sports and six different countries.
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    Will you watch the Olympics?

    Nice easy starter for this sub forum ahead of Rio in August, just to gain the general level of forum apathy (or not) towards the Olympics. TIA.
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    National Citizen Service

    We have quite a few youngsters on here, just wondering if anybody has taken part in the NCS Challenge over their summer in the past few years? If so what did you get up to and was it a good/bad experience?
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    Farewell Kolo "KT" Toure

    According to my sources, despite being Liverpool's best defender for the past two seasons, Kolo Toure is set to be released in a matter of weeks. Madness but there you go, Klopp can do no wrong etc... Do you think KT will now hang his boots and XXL shorts up? Could he go abroad to play? Will...
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    Farewell John "JT" Terry

    The last great English centre back of our time looks set to depart the English game this summer (is this right, thought I heard MLS but I don't really watch the BPL anymore or read news items), what are your fondest JT memories?
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    Starting a new language, better late than never?

    Inspired by Gillys quest to start a new career (good luck mate) I would like to ask advice of the forum on how best to learn a new language in these modern times. You might be saying to yourself why would anyone come into this forum and ask that when it has been shown that this isn't exactly the...
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    Stickied Transfer Rumours 2018/19

    Well? Anyway when somebody finds it, Lukaku to Dortmund. YHIHF.
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    Athletic Club v Sevilla - Europa League QF

    The most early awaited European match of the season to date, share your thoughts.
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    The Masters 2016

    It's that one time of the year that all you non-golfers take an interest. No Tiger this year (good because who wants to see every single one of his 75 shots every round?), Spieth looks out of nick, Rory is still not going to win it for me, whilst former winners Scott and Watson are highly...
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    Hi lads. I will hold my hands up and admit I am a composting novice but want to get into the game so to speak. Can anyone offer any advice for a beginner like myself? Stuff like bin size, average time to compost etc, dos and donts, etc. Cheers.
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    David Moyes back to the BPL

    Who will snap up this much sought after manager? I reckon Swansea could be the right club for him if they part ways with Monk.
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    Non voters highlight need for electoral reform

    With over 75% of those eligible in the UK to vote not voting for this Tory government, electoral reform is the phrase on everyone's lips. Will it happen? Not anytime soon according to the Huffington post -
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    Conf North PO Final - Chorley v Guiseley

    Its the one everyone has been talking about, who will make it to the Conference next season? Match takes place at Chorley next Saturday, see you there.
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    FC United into Conference North

    Well done to the Rebels, please post your congratulations for everyone's favourite second team below.
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    The "They're watching you" thread

    Did anybody else watch Citizen Four tonight? Well done to Edward Snowden is all I have to say. And also what an absolute fraud Obama has turned out to be. And finally finally, no surprise our lot are up to their necks in it as well.
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    Are computer games killing society?

    Do people spend too much time on their consoles and home desktops today? And is it not coincidence not only that our children are as fat as they have ever been, but that as a society we seem to be becoming ever more and more less of a community and more individualistic? Ps. Just to clarify I'm...