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  1. ShrewdBlue

    Match Day Losers that aren't in da FA Trophy

    I wouldn't say we just defended after going in front. We came close to a third a few times before the equaliser. Maybe you had already left and gone home though.
  2. ShrewdBlue

    Match Day Losers that aren't in da FA Trophy

    You were one of the inbreds shouting "FACK OFF CHISTA" all the time weren't you. And I'll have you know Ryan Astles is a prime athlete at the peak of his physical powers.
  3. ShrewdBlue

    Stupid injuries

    In our Evo-Stik days, our striker Chris Simm slipped on his new decking and broke his wrist (maybe even both of them).
  4. ShrewdBlue

    The Season Over Thread

    We're getting reffed into this thread.
  5. ShrewdBlue

    Most tinpot thing I ever heard. (tinpot thread) :ffs:
  6. ShrewdBlue

    National League Play offs Thread 2016. Who will win?

    I want FGR to win but only because i am so bored of them and their posters on here that I just want them gone.
  7. ShrewdBlue

    As we are getting to the end of the season

    Got to be Brett Huxtable. Honourable mention for Robert Whitton due to his performance when we were away at Welling this season.
  8. ShrewdBlue

    Matchday Extravaganza 16/4/16

    Come on Aldershot, get another one!
  9. ShrewdBlue

    Matchday Extravaganza 16/4/16

    Aldershot and Eastleigh goal would be lovely.
  10. ShrewdBlue

    5th April Match Thread

    Thank god for Dover as our players clearly couldn't give a toss whether we go down.
  11. ShrewdBlue

    5th April Match Thread

    Shaw starts again - I give up. Conny North here we come.
  12. ShrewdBlue


    We're in a similar position - looking like the only opportunity for us is Torquay and Welling. Can't see us taking anything from Lincoln, Grimsby or Gateshead.
  13. ShrewdBlue


    We're sleepwalking to relegation on the final day unfortunately. Can't see us getting anything from Torquay on Tuesday as at least they are putting up a fight against the drop.
  14. ShrewdBlue

    1st- 2nd April Match Thread

    You won't need them to be knackered, they are dreadful. A reasonably organised defence but literally nothing else - poor keeper, poor midfield and poor attack.
  15. ShrewdBlue

    1st- 2nd April Match Thread

    Typical us. Giving away 2 goals to probably the weakest attack I've seen all season. Tom Shaw, please leave Chester and never return.
  16. ShrewdBlue

    Bank Holiday Monday Match Thread

    Tom Shaw of all people rescues a point for us but he still shouldn't have started and should never start for us again. We're so crap and unfortunately I don't think Burr has a clue how to sort it out now.
  17. ShrewdBlue

    Bank Holiday Monday Match Thread

    We are playing Tom Shaw again. Ridiculous. He is bloody awful and we deserve to get relegated if we persevere with Shaw. Guiseley win unless Hannah and Alabi do it all on their own.
  18. ShrewdBlue

    Keep, Get Rid or Undecided?

    Keep Jon Worsnop (as backup to Thompson) Sam Hughes Ben Heneghan Ryan Astles Johnny Hunt (as a midfielder) John Rooney Tony Thompson Ross Hannah James Alabi Luke George (if he can stay fit) Undecided Ryan Higgins - very unremarkable season imo. Bluandwhite not happy with him though and...
  19. ShrewdBlue

    Midweek Match Thread 8/3/16

    7 (seven) - 1 What. The. Fuck.