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  1. George Reilly's Hairpiece

    Stevenage v Barnet

    Well, well. First win under Nugent and hopefully a corner turned. What's waiting around that corner, only our old friends from up the A1. We've been busy going down blind alleys and up garden paths under Nugent, so much so that a one point gap between us the day he took over is now 11...
  2. George Reilly's Hairpiece

    Barnet v Cheltenham

    Will we get a win at last? Will we get to see a good game of football rather than having to wait until the post match interview to be told we saw one? Will a supporter be told to f'#k off? Not sure I can take the anticipation. 0-0 after Cheltenham go down to 9 men in the 6th minute.
  3. George Reilly's Hairpiece

    Chairboys v Hairboys - Wycombe v Barnet

    After the debacle against Exeter, we move on to Wycombe, a side with a good home record and a venue where we don't win (although 5 of the last 6 have ended in stalemate). Allen can count himself fortunate that we have a chairman that has shown himself to have more patience than most, but even...
  4. George Reilly's Hairpiece

    Barnet Football Club vs Mansfield Town Football Club Sat 28th November

    After Tuesday's muddled approach, and with news that Yiadom will be suspended, MA is hard at work on his selection and formation. No Dembele as he's still out injured, so who knows what our defence will look like. Hoyte back to his usual spot and Nelson in would be the obvious option, so...
  5. George Reilly's Hairpiece

    Football Finances

    Taking this out of the Confirmed Transfers thread... As a supporter, how much interest or understanding do you have of your club's financial position and those of other clubs you are competing with? Are you of the view that you can't do much about it so no point worrying, or do you want to...
  6. George Reilly's Hairpiece

    The Real League Table 2014-2015

    As at 18/04/2015 - Week 45 105 2011 Champions - Crawley Town 104 103 2012 Champions - Fleetwood Town 102 101 2014 Champions - Luton Town 100 99 2010 Champions - Stevenage 98 97 96 95 2013 Champions - Mansfield Town 94 93 92 Certain Champions; Predicted Champions (90,89,88,89,88,90,87,88) 91...