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    1FF Wars: Planet Defenders

    Dukes of Haddock (DOH): Stagat, Paul Haddock, hodge Money: £200K / Wages: £70K Roster Stay Puft, 14BR 5HP D6 £550K/£70K – Zuul [1]/Wars Fame Items: Hitman £110K Planet Defenders: #meatboyslivesmatter (MLM): Oaf, Techno Natch, SUTSS Money: £500K / Wages: £100K Roster: Professor X [X-Men] –...
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    Coming soon to 1FF!

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    This is a game where you will battle bosses to obtain the treasure you need to escape from THE HAUNTED WOODS! The bosses will represented by challenges such as quizzes or by selecting the right equipment to turn dice rolls in your favour. How to win – Be the first team to get to the exit with...
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    TFF Survivor: China

    Hi everyone! This is a game where two tribes will compete against each other in challenges. After each challenge the losing team must vote off one of their own at Tribal Council. The two tribes will eventually be merged into one. The contestants will then compete as individuals in challenges...
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    Message to TFF Admin

    I've seen that a couple of TFF Admin are posting on here. I know that TFF is closed for the long run, but I would like to ask for it to be put back online just for a month or so (as was announced yesterday apparently). I ran a forum game on there not long ago and it's gone, even looking at the...