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  1. Red

    FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Xbox1

    Is anyone interested in playing in a 1FF pro clubs team on Xbox1? I play CAM and CB, looking to get my pro's rating up and it's dogshit trying to do this in drop ins.
  2. Red

    The Mango Mussolini

    It's quiet on here nowadays. Thought on Trumps outbursts against the 'squad of four' and his supporters 'send her back' chanting? Even Piers Morgan found it distasteful.
  3. Red

    Jeremy Kyle Show

    Given the news that a guest has recently taken his own life after failing a 'lie detector' test is it time for The Jeremy Kyle show to be scrapped? Personally I think it's the modern equivalent of bear baiting and Kyle is a scumbag goblin.
  4. Red

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Anyone played it? Worth getting?
  5. Red

    Weak Human beings?

    Roy Keane recently accused contemporary players of being weak human beings. I think the sort of person who commits the kind of deliberate tackle like he did on David Busst is a weak human being, but anyway, do you agree with Keane? To say they're weak human beings is I think going too far...
  6. Red

    Stephen Yaxley Gammon imprisoned

    He's a bit fik our Tommy. Thoughts?
  7. Red

    Fixed odds betting terminals

    The government is currently reviewing the laws surrounding fixed odds betting terminals and planning to impose a limit on stakes when people use these machines. It seems that a change will happen but what is less clear is what the maximum stakes will be. It's being reported that it might be as...
  8. Red

    Tesco responds to online abuse for featuring Muslims in Christmas ad Thoughts?
  9. Red

    Geoffrey Boycott: Former cricketer sorry for 'unacceptable' comment

    I'm not racist, some of my favourite players have black faces.... Former England cricketer and BBC commentator Geoffrey Boycott has apologised for an "unacceptable" comment about West Indian cricketers. He said that he would be more likely to receive a knighthood if he was to 'black his face'...
  10. Red

    Far Cry 5

    The Far Cry franchise is one of my favourites. Looking forward to this. Feb 2018.
  11. Red

    Guardians of the Galaxy vol2

    Can't see a thread for this, apols if there already is one. I went to see it on Saturday and found it to be every bit as good as the first one.
  12. Red

    Royalty in Need

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this. So what do we think of coughing up £369 million for the upkeep of Liz et al's gaff?
  13. Red

    The people Vs OJ Simpson

    Nobody been watching this? It's been really good with John Travolta, Cuba Gooding Jr and David Schwimmer.
  14. Red

    The origins of some old sayings

    Not sure about the veracity of all of these. For example here it says rule of thumb has something to do with craftsmen using their thumbs as a rough measurement, however I've heard and read from numerous sources that back in the day it meant a man could strike his wife with any object providing...
  15. Red

    We want our country back.

    Dunno if anyone has heard about this forthcoming programme. It's a documentary about Britain First. Just thought I'd post it initially to let anyone who would be interested in watching it know about it and also as a place to discuss it after. It's on at 21.00 on BBC3, Tuesday 6th October.
  16. Red

    Question Time.

    A new season of qt started yesterday, so I thought we could have a thread dedicated to the issues discussed on it each week.
  17. Red

    Cameron caught making 'people in Yorkshire hate each other' jibe :lol: What a Camoron.
  18. Red

    Assisted dying debate

    We've discussed it before but today our parliament is debating this for the first time in 20 years. Thoughts?
  19. Red

    Is salty the brainiest boffin of 1ff?

    I've just learned that our very own Saltire has a degree in Astrophysics and advanced maths. Does this make him the brainiest 1FFer, or do you have something better than that? Maybe you've watched who wants to be a millionaire once and answered all the questions. Or perhaps you can even...
  20. Red

    RIP Rico Rodriguez. A truly great musician and graduate of the Alpha Boys School. One time member of the Skatalites his career seemed on the wane until he hooked up with the Specials and played on A message to you...