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  1. Skinner

    Has 1FF/TFF died?

    Has it? Even the biggest games now has fuck all responses. Have we, the spine that was TFF, finally packed it in? I personally have been checking in for months, to read, but I rarely every contribute. Did TFF prosper on the old school integrating with a keen generation of younger posters (at...
  2. Skinner

    Relegation Thread

    Cardiff, Palace, Newcastle, Southampton, Fulham and 'uddersfield Six very poor sides for this level, Fulham probably the best of a bad bunch Can't see anyone else getting involved.
  3. Skinner

    Sky debate

    Obviously a new show, but Bellamy, yay or nay? I say yay.
  4. Skinner

    St. Arsenal day

    why did the previous thread get deleted? Bad content or Arsenal mods?
  5. Skinner

    Players that were overrated/underrated

    Overrated - Roberto Carlos, lived off that goal against France. Couldn't defend for shit. Underrated - David Trezeguet, big game player. Always overawed by Shevchenko.
  6. Skinner

    Best Midfielders in PL Era

    This is why I want a general football chat section... Tisk. But anyway, we've seen some truly fantastic midfielders in the premier league, some that score some, some that grab the game and change it, some that tackle some. However, in all of what you've seen, (and this is where it will get...
  7. Skinner

    General football section

    Should be one. Just to talk about football of the past, players of the past etc... Nobody will check it, but still. TFF had it.
  8. Skinner

    Welcome Hull

    Welcome back to the Premier League 'Ull City, or whatever they're called these days. Eye bleedingly boring club.
  9. Skinner

    COD4 Remaster for PS4/XB1

    Seems that the rumours were true, Infinity Ward are remastering COD4 (MW1) for the next release. Best FPS multiplayer ever, IMO. I for one can't wait and would be willing to wave goodbye to my social life.
  10. Skinner

    Wham vs Palace

    £43 for an away ticket, to see your club play West fucking Ham. It's a shame we sold more than 0 tickets.
  11. Skinner

    1FF Pro Club (PS4)

    Ite, who's in? Kenneth has disappeared, BlueBee isn't on much, it's just myself and Ste but two players on clubs come across some absolute bollocks. We need a good 4-5 players atleast for the game to be enjoyable. I usually play ANY but really can't be arsed anymore, so will play CDM or CAM...
  12. Skinner

    Crystal Palace vs Newcastle - Weds 20:00

    An opportunity for Pardew to stick two fingers up at the Toon. More importantly though, win this and we're 5 points off the safety total (imo) with 13 games left, which is ridiculous considering where we were under Warnock has a few weeks ago. Bolasie won't feature but Zaha is in fine form...
  13. Skinner

    Hi, I'm new here

    Hi guys, my names Skinner and I support Crystal Palace.