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  1. Stagat

    China Coronavirus

    Hope this doesn't become worldwide coronavirus. I've been in China since 2010 and meant to be moving back home (from Shanghai) in a couple of weeks. Got flights booked for the 8th Feb. If I was coming alone I'd cancel and buy a new one for tomorrow. Unfortunately me and the missus are...
  2. Stagat

    Newport (?) v Mansfield (3)

    We have some good recent opening day history with Newport. Started the 16/17 season with a 3-2 win down at their place, then began last season with a 3-0 win against them at home. Can't remember anything significant happening between us in any games whatsoever after that so put us down for...
  3. Stagat

    Unwelcome emails from site sponsor

    TractorBoys Why are Skalp spamming me via the forum server? How did they get my email? Are they going to keep doing this seeing as there's no unsubscribe option on the email (which I'm sure breaks some rules)? Bit annoying and especially unnecessary when I've got a fantastic head of hair tbh.
  4. Stagat

    World Cup Posters World Cup

    Welcome to the World Cup Posters World Cup, where posters are asked to pick their favourite World Cup posters from World Cups pre and post war. The 5 winners of the qualifying round will go through to the first round proper. QUALIFYING ROUND (winners in bold) France 1998 vs Italy 1934...
  5. Stagat

    Zinedine Zidane

    What's the consensus now then? I don't follow Spanish football closely enough to know how folk have really rated him from when he started and up 'til now. Seem to remember thinking he got chucked in prematurely (I thought at the time) and that he stood a fair chance of doing one of them...
  6. Stagat

    Rogue Notification

    Ayup. I got a notification that Heisenberg20 quoted my post in this thread, which I thought odd because I haven't posted in it. I clicked through to it and he quoted TrinidadsNumberOne's post. No biggie, just thought you should know summat behind the scenes has gone awry. Cheers.
  7. Stagat

    Virus from 1FF?

    Is this even possible? Last two days or so, I started getting randomly redirected to some horrible porn site. This is about the only site I look at on me phone. And I just got a notification saying the last site I visited (this one) has given my device a virus. What's going on?
  8. Stagat

    Sheep - a forum game

    Sheep Statistics All Time Honours (League/Cup/Plate/Champions League) 1. Posh Hammer 8 (6/2/0/0) 2. Don Tonberry 6 (3/2/1/0) 3. This Charming Mike 5 (4/1/0/0) 4. Hooray 5 (2/3/0/0) 5. Ciderhead96 4 (2/2/0/0) 6. Sammels 4 (1/3/0/0) 7. last...
  9. Stagat

    Stagat's Big #AFCON2015 Thread

    Doctor Congo ftw. I posted a squad list somewhere, seems to have disappeared. Tourney starts today. All discussion here.