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  1. PuB

    Merry Christmas

    To each and every one of you (even the weird Bolton fan), hope you have a joyful Christmas and new year
  2. PuB

    Chairman Paul

    Tried bumping an old thread but couldn’t find one, our lovely chairman has set about banning people who disagree/protest about his leadership of the club...
  3. PuB

    The Ipswich Town Promotion Thread

    Well we need a new thread to go along with the Steve Evans relegation one So here it is.
  4. PuB

    Welcome Morecambe

    Great achievement even if the penalty that got you here wasn’t really a pen at all. Hope you guys are out enjoying yourselves in the sun.
  5. PuB

    League One Team of the Season

    Good to see big V in there, he’s certainly put any doubts about his ability to bed.
  6. PuB

    Playoffs 2020/21

    Good luck to all those involved and I sincerely hope you get to see your teams in the flesh. I’ll be watching for sure but my initial thoughts are that this might see Blackpool return to the championship.
  7. PuB

    Easter Games

    We’re currently 0-0 against Wigan after just over an hour, Wigan currently having the better of it
  8. PuB

    A letter from Chairman Paul Scally

    Here’s an excerpt: ‘These people will be ‘red carded’ and removed from any standing or data base within the Club. Based on my definition of supporters, these people are simply not supporters and our fans should be aware of this point, and who these people are. We will make their names known to...
  9. PuB


    This is the real thing we’re all here for isn’t it, don’t want to be champagne Charlie’s in the championship, but don’t want to slum it in the Dog and Duck league downstairs. So far, I’ll confidently predict we’re nailed on to win the shit out of this. We won’t go down as politically correct...
  10. PuB

    Boxing Day Games

    Ours with Peterborough is now off due to Covid in their squad. But with games coming so fast, how are clubs meant to fit in the rearranged games?
  11. PuB

    The Stevie Evans Relegation Thread

    The wonderful Mr Evans has lead the Gills to an impressive FIVE DEFEATS IN A ROW. During that time our players have pissed about and haven’t bothered scoring in any of those matches. So we’ve lost four league games 2-0, and one other 1-0. Mr Evans has had a poorly in-growing toenail though, so...
  12. PuB

    The Bolton (Relegation) Thread

    I see they’re carrying on their march for the title.
  13. PuB

    The Cheaty Peterborough Thread

    After the discussion about wage caps, squad numbers and revenue. We’re all watching you.
  14. PuB

    Lefty-Labour media nonsense

    More evidence the media is aligned to labour I guess...
  15. PuB

    Naughty Tories

    Deserves a thread of its own.
  16. PuB

    Tough Times Indeed... Edit: posted in the wrong section, oops.
  17. PuB

    Right, we’re all bored. Let’s pick run out music

    I’d like that one, lasts long enough and has a positive tune.
  18. PuB

    Stay safe guys

    And your loved ones too x
  19. PuB

    Corona league one

    If mass gatherings are banned then how will the season be decided (obviously this isn’t a worry for tiny teams like Fleetwood), behind closed doors? Or just cancelled completely? How can we cope without gate revenue when the majority of us are already on a shoestring budget?
  20. PuB

    Comfy Mid-Table Thread

    Can’t see us going up, and don’t think we’ll go down even if we don’t pick up any more points before the end of the season. So here we are, comfortably in mid table, which actually makes a nice change this season.