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    Gy will be great again soon... Norman Lamont will see to it won't he?! I sold him a copy of Sing When You are Fishing outside Blundell Park one Boxing Day many moons ago. I wonder if he's thinking #Fenty/SladeOut to start the transformation
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    The Town v The City aka "El Grassico"

    or a stumbling Barca-Grimsby v a booming Real Lincoln... I'd settle for the 1892-93 relativities at the end of the season...5 places above Lincoln and I think we'll go up. This game deserves its own thread, not one mixed up with some Jonny Come Lately Essex outfit... DIVISION TWO Pos Name...
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    Grimsby Town relocation plan

    If Luton have a thread why can't we? Just because, on past form, this won't happen until 2050 doesn't mean we shouldn't have a thread I hope by 2050 safe standing will be allowed and we can have a...
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    Gy allocation at Notts

    OK why have we been given an "initial" allocation of 1,738 tickets , with various restriction on buying tickets until 30 August and no post outs after 31 August. Why not an allocation of 2,500 and general sale after a couple of days this week, and then so what if we send 500 back (not sure we...