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  1. Carver

    Does your team have enough full backs?

    I'm just wondering because for the past few years now we have always struggled for cover with these positions, whether it be the left or right side. Is it just us or does every other team feel like they lack in this area and end up having to use make shift full backs when your one and only...
  2. Carver

    How much money do you have?

    Votes will be anonymous so you may as well take part in the poll and be honest with your pick. Add any comments if you like. :)
  3. Carver

    The greatest players ever to play in L2 since it became L2.

    So, who do YOU think are the greatest players ever to play in this glorious league since the 04/05 season? At least I think that was when it started getting called League Two anyway. For me it has to be Michael Bridges, now that may be my biased opinion but it's a valid one because he was for...
  4. Carver

    Do you help the homeless?

    Say if you are walking round town or whatever and you are about to walk by a homeless person whether they be male or female. Do you ever think to help, give or acknowledge them in some way? Or do you donate to a charity like Shelter to help em?
  5. Carver

    Wycombe vs Carlisle

    I dunno about the other Carlisle fans on here but I have always seen Wycombe as one of dem dirty cheating bastarding arrogant teams you get down here and yet they do fuck all whever they've gone up to L1 as they just come straight down again, that's a fact. So to see them doing better than us...
  6. Carver

    Voluntary work

    Has anyone here ever done proper voluntary work before? If so what was it like? I am thinking of doing some kind of it as I just currently have a part time job but I need to do something more productive in my free time until I can get full time work as I do not want to get depressed and...
  7. Carver

    PES 2018

    Does anyone here play Pro Evo? I have went back to it for the first time in 10 years after getting bored of Fifa letting me down over and over again. I must say Im really impressed with the gameplay on Pro Evo so far, not so much the commentary though, but it is a refreshing change from the...
  8. Carver

    Crawley vs Carlisle

    Who are we playing this time? Crawley Town? For fucks sake another team with no fans that is destined to embarass us once more and no doubt they'll be another team of dirty cheating time wasters like dem Stevenage c***s. If we dont win this one then Curle has to go Im afraid, sorry but there...
  9. Carver


    Do you get them? I just started getting them this year and they ruin my life. Anyone know of any treatment for them that works quickly?
  10. Carver

    What job do you have?

    What is your job title?
  11. Carver

    League 2 General Chat Thread

    Talk about general L2 related topics here please, cheers!
  12. Carver

    London acid attacks. It is absolutly appaling that someone would scar another persons face for life and especially for no reason other than to rob them. Who are these people? Why are they so evil? Our society is really getting worse and worse, it's like we dont...
  13. Carver

    Carlisle v Luton Match thread.

    Carlisle to lose without scoring, have no shots on goal, give away a penalty and have at least one player sent off. Luton will not have even have to turn up for this one! Carlisle 0-4 Luton.
  14. Carver

    Primark removes racist t-shirt Do you think this t-shirt is racist or just an over the top reaction by people?
  15. Carver

    Carlisle v Blackpool

    There did not appear to be a thread already made for this match, so here it is! We've really got to win this one as the following matches are against teams around the top so we want to build momentum and with our new signings that's exactly what we're starting to do. I'll go for a 2-1 win for...
  16. Carver

    The Truth About Popular Culture!

  17. Carver

    Are you Right Wing? Centrist? or Left Wing?

    Which of these political systems do you associate yourself with? Votes are anonymous.
  18. Carver

    If this league was like a classroom at school, who'd be who?

    Just a bit of fun, I'll get the ball rolling...... I'd say the dumbest kid of the class has to go to Pompey who are like an older kid who is bigger than everyone else, but because he's so thick he's not been allowed to move up to the next year yet. So let's hear what you lot think!
  19. Carver

    Graham Westley and his POTATO FIELD (Newport County) v Carlisle United

    Sigh, well it's time we BEAT these fuckers or we have to at least not get beat off them and their potato field of a football pitch for once. Newport County could try growing some vegetables on their so called pitch and sell them in the market to help their financial troubles, it might not be...
  20. Carver

    IT'S OVER!

    The England national football team has been left in a complete shambles after embarrassingly exiting Euro 2016, so does this mean the end of our hopes of ever doing good at a tournament in the foreseeable future? The same cycle of failure continues and it seems to get even worse every time! In...