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  1. Pagnell

    No Man's Sky 1.50 NEXT Update

    Anyone else played this game since this massive update? It's like a new game, with the graphics doubled in quality, more variety in planet surfaces and a third person mode. Really has taken what was a decent, but ultimately boring game to the next level. Really glad I bagged it for £5 on a deal...
  2. Pagnell


    Is this guy on a childish, unprofessional sulk or is he injured?
  3. Pagnell

    Cheggers Dead Shame. Good memories of him from the 70s when I was a kid. Anyone else watch Swap Shop?
  4. Pagnell

    Mo Salah

    What a signing. Tops the league scoring table at the moment. Half the price of Lukaku and twice the player.
  5. Pagnell

    Shakespeare sacked by Leicester. Claude Puel appointed. I can see Ranieri's smile now.
  6. Pagnell

    Eight Dead In M1 Crash Drove past this about 930 this morning on the northbound M1, I hadn't heard anything about it at that point. It looked like absolute carnage with debris all over the road with tarpaulins and an inflatable incident tent up. You could see the two...
  7. Pagnell

    Graham Taylor Dies
  8. Pagnell

    Fox To Buy Sky for £18b Let's hope the government do the right thing and stop it. Like he doesn't have far too much influence as it is in this fucking country.
  9. Pagnell

    Southgate appointed England manager on a 4 year deal Woo. My excitement knows no bounds.
  10. Pagnell

    The Grand Tour (Top Gear II)

    Anyone watched this yet? First episode was decent. The start was a bit silly and the audience participation was forgettable (partly due to the audience being shouty Americans) but the car parts were good and pretty much as expected. But with better production. A few swear words too, which we...
  11. Pagnell

    Re-sign Gerrard Claims Lawrenson As usual with Lawrenson, I don't agree at all. Cheers for the time you were here Steve, but you wouldn't get in this team with your age and decline and nor should you. Sometimes players returning to clubs can work, but I don't believe this is one of...
  12. Pagnell

    Things To Do In That There London

    We're taking our son to London on an overnight trip for his 8th birthday in a few weeks. I worked in London for nearly a decade so know it well, but know bugger all about it when it comes to what can be done for entertainment outside of obvious shit like the London Eye and the London Dungeons...
  13. Pagnell

    Bake Off

    Yes, I'm a sad bastard but I quite like this program. The production company that makes it (which is 70% owned by BSkyB) has chased the wedge and have signed a new contract with C4 after the BBC rightly refused to be held to ransom and pay the reported £25m a year asking price. Sue Perkins and...
  14. Pagnell

    Sky Q

    Has anyone got this? I made enquiries about it 2-3 months back but the price was astronomical, they wanted £300 for the main silver unit and an additional £100 for a mini-box for the bedroom TV, not to mention additional money each month for the same package I'm currently on. I checked again...
  15. Pagnell

    New TV Licensing Rules I'd love to know how they're going to enforce that. Random IP traces with ISP disclosure requests on the off chance the user doesn't have a valid licence?
  16. Pagnell

    Japan Knife Attack Leaves 19 Dead In a disabled care home. Fucking madness.
  17. Pagnell

    Big Sam - New England Manager

    Reading talk of Hoddle being in with a shout again. Surely not, although he couldn't do any worse than Hodgson. Was decent back in the 90s before he was sacked but I'm not sure he has what it takes these days after being out of any form of management for a decade. The FA are a bunch of...
  18. Pagnell

    TV Money Long Term

    In the last few years there has rightly been lots of talk about TV money and the ludicrous amount that even the lower-half Prem teams get at the moment. But broadcasters like Sky and BT will obviously only be interested in continuing this moneyfest if it results in people being prepared to pay...
  19. Pagnell

    Hillsborough victims unlawfully killed No surprise at all.
  20. Pagnell

    Liverpool Vs Villarreal

    Europa Semi-Final. All match discussion in here.