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  1. Nansan


    You are one sad unfunny fella
  2. Nansan

    Sack Race - 2018/19

    I know, he is like the unwanted guest at a wedding. Don't know why he still loiters as he has nothing constructive or positive to say about non league football clubs. But hey ho I guess the codheads will be back here in force next year anyway.
  3. Nansan

    The Championship Play-Off Final Thread
  4. Nansan

    Who will win the league??

    Cheltenham for me as well. It should be Grimsby in the play offs but I can't see that with Hurst in charge so it will be either FGR or Eastleigh.
  5. Nansan

    Match Thread 18th & 19th December 2015

    You will win, our home form is poor and we still have injuries to key players, forecast looks good so it should go ahead.
  6. Nansan

    Evo-Stik North Prem

    Its suspended so won't come into force unless they do it again this season. The fine isn't so they have to pay that now.
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    No one really knows or is telling. Last rumour was that a site near the Metrocentre was being looked at, then we changed owners so who knows.
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    There a couple or so of us around.
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    Yep, sure am. Always good to see a local lad come home.
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    Thankyou, we have been making a determined effort to do so over recent weeks. Things may change now though.
  11. Nansan

    2015/16 Race for the sack

    Thing is though this "bad spell" is ongoing and getting worse week by week. Also Crosby was appointed by and is a personal friend of the previous owner. The new owner has seen us play poor football and gone from play off contenders to potential relegation candidates.
  12. Nansan

    2015/16 Race for the sack

    Not really though. Crosby has rode his luck for the early part of the season and we picked up points more through luck than by judgement. A few injuries showed up the weakness of the squad and that we were carrying passengers who were clearly not very good. Crosby's answer was to play rookie...
  13. Nansan

    2015/16 Race for the sack

    Crosby and Owers gone, sacked.
  14. Nansan

    Matchday thread 21/11/15

    Been poorly for a while and went today as a treat, wish I hadn't allowed myself to be persuaded. Total total rubbish. Credit to Halifax, you'd have thought they had the extra man. We are clearly not playing for Crosby whose decisions to play loanee kids instead of established players...
  15. Nansan

    Who's Up For Sale?

    Highly unlikely. We changed owner at the beginning of the season and all matchday takings whether its alchohol, tea, coffee, food etc are taken by the council
  16. Nansan

    So, there are matches tonight... (6/10/15)

    Well that's us out of the top five, doubt we will trouble it again this year