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  1. Benji


    how come the hundreds of guests always view the forum but never sign up??? weird imo
  2. Benji

    Bielsa Emergency Press Conference

    Omg, is he resigning?
  3. Benji

    Title Race 18/19

    Everyone thought City would run away with it, but there is a sort of title race happening. Liverpool remain the last team still unbeaten, even though everyone said City would be invincible. Spurs are a bit more losey, but haven't even drawn a game (which is weird). Chelsea and Arsenal have lost...
  4. Benji

    Raheem Sterling: Best in the league?

    Yes he is, and well done him. He used to be good at dribbling and running, but not much else. But if you are still telling people that he has no end product, your opinion is like a UKIP manifesto: old fashioned, out of date and stupid. Moving to Man City was a pretty brave call for someone at...
  5. Benji

    Welsh Premier League

    Yes it exists.
  6. Benji

    European Super League Leaks

    Everyone sort of knew this was happening, but all the shithead teams have been plotting a breakaway 'super league' according to a leak. Not sure they realise that one of the teams would have to finish bottom (Milan). If that's not enough info, more here (I didn't read it)...
  7. Benji

    Harry The Hornet Buzzes Off

    It's with a heavy heart that I deliver the sad news of Harry The Hornet stepping down from the role. He will be taking up a position in the stands with the non-wasp population of Watford. He rose to notoriety when he made fun of a man. Sadly that man and some other men were unable to take the...
  8. Benji

    Benji's Tea Leaf Tips

    Tea is one of Britain's most famous pastimes, ever since it was brought over from India or something when we were stealing things and killing them. What the British people have so far failed to appreciate is the power of tea for predicting football. I'm hoping to change that. Uruguay v Saudi...
  9. Benji

    Sanchez vs Mkhi - Final Table

    I think it's a good idea to monitor how well they are doing compared to eachother. Rules -The rules are there are no rules -Another rule is that I will be doing a league system for Premier League games, and a Cup system for the indeterminant number of cup games they play -Scores are determined...
  10. Benji

    Phil Neville, Lioness Tamer

    He is manager of the England Women. He has never indicated any knowledge or interest of women's football. He has deleted his Twitter because he said some 1950s stuff about what women should be doing. How long will it last?
  11. Benji

    The Goalie Post

    To be honest I didnt really Cech, but I didn't see a dedicated place to discuss goalkeepers and I didn't want to be Forster put it somewhere it would be Lossl to the annals of time. All serious talk about the boys between the sticks goes De Gea, please don't talk Borucs. Who's your Pickford...
  12. Benji

    What's good about watches?

    Don't get it. Are they meant to be jewellery or practical?
  13. Benji

    Pulis Sacked - Big Pards' Next Job

    West Brom regret to inform me that they have parted ways with Tony Pulis. He is expected to clear his desk and empty his walk-in cap closet this morning.
  14. Benji

    Battlefront II P2W Conspiracy

    So this game looked fantastic in the initial trailers, but in this last week before its released it was found that the reward system was totally ridiculous. Those who haven't been following, this is my brief rundown: After paying ~£50 for a brand new game, EA have included numerous...
  15. Benji


    I thought Roy and Robbie Keane were brothers until fairly recently.
  16. Benji

    World Cup Football World Cup

    And introducing next years ball: Russia 2018 - Telstar 18 I do like the Azteca, but my favourite is 2002's Fevernova. Probably because it's the first one I really heard anything about. It's a bold new style, kind of ugly-pretty which I'm told is the trend with fashion models (I bet they don't...
  17. Benji

    Tony Adams

    He's buying Crystal Palace for almost exactly one Neymar. Thought and feelings?
  18. Benji

    Euro Transfers and Rumours

    I know it's not as important as the Premier League, but I figured we might as well have one for the rest of Europe. Neymar to PSG is probably nonsense, but Emery has commented on them trying to get it done. I still think it's probably contract play and that PSG are just being used, but this...
  19. Benji

    Is Richard Osman a national treasure?

    He's a nice and funny man, but what do the people really think? Edit: There are two puns in the poll options. If you're playing along at home, see if you can spot them.
  20. Benji

    Legends Retiring

    Totti has announced he's retiring at the end of the season, so since more and more of my childhood favourites will be going this way I decided we should pay tribute. It's extraordinary that he is still (sort of) playing football at the top level at his age, and he is a legend of Italian...