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    New Kits 2021/22

    Oh FUCK OFF. I swear this company hate us
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    The 2019/20 Division Four New Kits Thread

    Away kit - love this!
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    The 2019/20 Division Four New Kits Thread

    New Crewe home kit. Very very plain, but I quite like it.
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    Port Vale Vs Crewe Alexandra D road derby

    Vale have narrowed their pitch (at least for this game), it was no wider than ours. Either way that was the most dead rubber fixture you'll see between these teams. The players didn't give a shit and the fans didn't either. Vale dominated and deserved to win by more, we did everything wrong...
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    Fair Play Derby (Crewe v Carlisle)

    Staggered to see people complaining about the red card. I sit just in front of it and Devitt raked his studs down Perry's face. Not a stamp as such, but deliberate shithouse behavior. Pleased that the 4th official saw it, Devitt knew full well he was obscured from the ref's view.
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    Cheshire Derby Macc Vs Crewe

    I tried to register on the Macc forum to peacefully reply to those who maintain that we were breaking the rules behind the goal by standing in the hashed area. About 7 or 8 minutes into the first half, a steward on the right-hand side of the stand behind the barrier at the front (I didn't get...
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    2018/19 Division Four Kits

    So because Crewe have a red home kit and white away kit, the league said we needed an alternative for Cheltenham, Stevenage and Lincoln away. They released an ultra limited 100 run of the blue third kit this morning and sold the shelves by 9:15. I love it and was there to get one. Should have...
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    2018/19 Division Four Kits

    I like our (Crewe) kits this year, glad they've brought back the navy trim. I also really like Vale's kit too. Home more than the away, even though purple is my favourite colour - the home kit just looks more professional.
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    Crewe promotion icon Steve Davis sacked!!!!

    Over the fucking moon with this one. Not only has Davis gone, but I'm really pleased with Artell as manager - he won't take any shit and will command respect, he knows the club but also isn't so long-term that he'll use it as an excuse. Lovely stuff. In Dave we trust!
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    Match Day Crewe Alexandra vs Exeter City

    I think we've really discovered that, shock horror, we have a squad of league two players. We got found out in league one, but in this division they're a capable bunch.
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    Stevenage v Crewe

    Great result that.
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    2016/2017 Kit

    At least the away kit isn't awful.
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    2016/2017 Kit

    I'm so fucking embarrassed by our new kit.
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    Your clubs released/retained list

    edit ^ fucking Wizard
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    Northern Railway Town Derby - Crewe vs Donny ft Fans Forum II: Another Pro-Davis Bullshit Seminar.

    Fucking hell Donny. A team that actually looked worse than us.
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    League Two Dress Rehearsal - Crewe vs Colchester

    Yeah I'm not going to this one. Davis and co can fuck right off.
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    Crewe Alex v Blackpool

    Fuck Davis, fuck Bowler, fuck Crewe, fuck off. Just fuck off.
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    Crewe Alex v Blackpool

    Not even slightly arsed about this.
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    motion to change the name of this forum to 'The Life Of WABLO'

    What does Wablo mean? Genuine question.
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    Crewe Alex 1-1 Wigan

    Criticise the team when they play badly and don't put the effort in, but for fucks sake at least acknowledge when we've seen a good performance and a great game of football. I can't fault yesterday - Wigan are a strong side and considering everyone here thought we'd get trounced, the reality is...