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    The Mid-Table Thread

    As always, the promotion and relegation battles get way overhyped here. We all know what *really* matters in life is to be crowned Mid-Table Champions. This of course being the priceless accolade of being the first team to hit the beach, whereby you're too crap to stand any chance...
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    Fair play league

    Let's face it, we were always going to top this. :db:
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    London Overspillage Part II vs Grimsby Town FC

    since the Grimbarians seem to love commuter-belt towns at the moment... I think this is a must-win for us to get an auto spot. But if our players take this for granted we’re in all sorts of shite - you can’t take any team for granted, let alone one fighting for hard-won league status.
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    Akinfenwa v Port Vale

    Seems PVFC love the big man so much that he's got his own page on their fan site: As they point out on their forum however, both our defences are shite, having each shipped 54 goals, so clean sheets are...
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    The Anti-Football Derby (Westley v Wycombe Wanderers)

    Well, whatever the outcome of this game (or even if it's on at all, given the weather forecast), I suspect football will not be the winner. I expect a rich feast of constant whining to the ref, rugby tackles, simulated injuries (leading to regular drinks breaks - very civilised), and at least...
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    Midtable thread 2017/2018

    Why the hell haven't we got a thread for the king of all prizes? The title is, of course, won by the first team mathematically unable to go up or down. I think we're still in with a shot at this, if we hit our traditional second-half slump again this season. Worryingly though, this title is...
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    The Fair Play Derby - Westley v Ainsworth

    woohoo! not bad to get a win away after the recent mini-resurgence of Newport. I'm sure that football was the winner, especially on what must have been a fairly water-logged pitch.
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    Do you go to pre-season friendlies?

    For me, the only way I would ever watch one would be if it were a testimonial - and that's a pretty safe thing to say in an era where the one-club man is almost extinct. Just can't bear to watch players sauntering about trying not to get injured, and the sense that the game really doesn't...
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    4th worst strikeforce v worst strikeforce (WW v Yeovil)

    Spot the goalfest. Yeovil fans will be pleased to note I'm making a rare appearance at a home game, which greatly increases the likelihood of us not winning, plus we are traditionally abysmal on Tuesday nights, which is sadly when I'm most likely to go to games. 0-1, I reckon.
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    The foul play league irritatingly you can't do a direct link, you have to go in, select "L2", but never mind, eh. We're only mid-table! Admittedly this doesn't award points for timewasting, ref surrounding or injury feigning, but still. Congrats to...
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    Wycombe v Mansfield

    U21 Aston Villa loanee striker Jerell Sellars goes straight into the squad to face the mighty Stags. Apparently scores regularly for their U21s but of course that doesn't necessarily mean to say he'll adapt to first team football, time will tell.
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    D&R v WWFC

    that's the Daggers team talk done then: Admittedly he doesn't actually come out with exactly what the headline says (our local rag being shite again, who'da thunk it) but...
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    Foul Play League Thought we'd be worse, although of course if they took ref backchat and timewasting into account we'd storm it. Likewise if you took famously petulant cock Liam Noble out of the Notts County side, they probably wouldn't be winning any...
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    Jason Banton on loan to Monkey Hangers I haven't seen him play so I can't comment on how well he has or hasn't fitted in, but I would imagine this is a loan with a view to a permanent move, given our teeny tiny squad size. Or perhaps it's...
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    Which trips will you do next season?

    Spot the Pointless Close Season Thread Topic. Personally, I will be looking out for: Crawley (don't think we've ever played them?) Barnet (not yet been to the Hive) Leyton Orient (I live a full 3 miles from the ground) York (have been meaning to go ever since they got back into the league...
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    AFCW v Wycombe

    AFCW have nothing to play for so you should probably field a weakened team - you boys have had a hard season, why not put your feet up? You deserve it. Cheers.