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  1. DannoBwfc

    Saturday 6th August 2022

    We were just completely on it today which won't always be the case, certainly not in the return fixture. If we'd have had Dion Charles in the team it could've been a whole lot worse. A new keeper, couple more new faces in maybe and I am sure Wycombe will be fine, still tipping them for a playoff...
  2. DannoBwfc

    Saturday 6th August 2022

    Aye, more than likely. 20 minutes in and they're doing what they want anyway :lol: Hope Dempsey has a good season he's worked hard pre-season.
  3. DannoBwfc

    Saturday 6th August 2022

    Not entirely sure what to expect this weekend. Wycombe beat us twice last season and the season before if i'n not mistaken so they're definitely a decent side. Hopefully an improved performance this week, I felt Ipswich controlled things last Saturday, particularly in the second half. Young...
  4. DannoBwfc

    Baseball thread

    Just joined today but great to see a baseball thread on here. I'm a big Blue Jays fan, also root for the cubs. I'll make myself at home in here i guess.
  5. DannoBwfc

    Stickied What are you currently watching?

    Don't judge but I'm binging the hell out of Four in a bed right now, elite viewing.
  6. DannoBwfc

    Stickied The 'How did you find us thread'?

    I was just looking around for a decent looking forum, had a browse through here and looked the best so here I am.
  7. DannoBwfc

    Hello and good luck this season!

    Hi guys, My name is Dan, I'm 33 and have been a Bolton fan for 28 years now. I also watch Bradford Park Avenue as much as I can now that I live closer to them (big fan of lower league football) I used to post on forums years back, sort of lost interest/got busy, was looking for somewhere to...