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    The 1 to 24 prediction competition

    It might be a bit early to start this thread but with only four weeks to go to start of the league season I thought I would start it. Last season Saddler78 won the comp. The idea is to list in order (1 to 24) the final order of teams in League Two for season 22/23. Points are awarded for how...
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    Just been reading a bit of history

    In June 1907 It was revealed in the minutes of Oldham Athletic FC that they offered Port Vale £1,000 and two players provided that Port Vale resigned from the League and Oldham took their place! Port Vale accepted the money, resigned and Oldham were elected into Division Two of the football...
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    Is it too early to start mid table thread

    Each year we have a mid table championship. Who are favourites this year? Bradford City, Crawley, Harrogate
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    Tin pot clubs in League Two

    I see Crawley and Barrow have not entered a u18’s in the Youth FA Cup, how tin pot can clubs get.
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    Does count as an FGR title I am sure Horwich think they ought to have won the north west regional title, but that went to Altrincham.
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    IFollow passes sold

    Apparently Colchester chairman says that Bolton sold 2252 iFollow passes for their game. do other clubs publish these numbers, so we can all have a good willy waving thread like the away attendance figures from previous years.
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    Stayintertoto Cup

    Mansfield Town have just beat Liverpool 3-1 in their first match of this competition. Danny Rose played for the Stags. any other League Two teams in this?
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    Mid table cup competition

    Thought it was time to start this, we all knew that Grimsby won the trophy last season but who is in contention this year. so the winner is the first team who mathematically can’t reach the play offs and can’t go down. last season it was won with four games to spare, I would have thought with...
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    Nobody needs to worry about relegation

    With Bolton and Bury likely to get thrown out of EFL this week, then no one will be relegated this season from League Two. Happy days.
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    Oldham vs Mansfield

    Everyone knows boundary park is coldest place on earth, but the biggest question today is should I take a coat.
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    The big game on Monday

    No needed for team names in thread title, as everybody will be watching the tippy tappy home side against the hoof ball merchants. Must be odds on on seeing a red card, most probably for one of the touch line brothers. Home win will be most appreciated.
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    Started winning at home vs Can't lose away (Carlisle vs Mansfield)

    Going to be a tough game and not sure our record of only team in the 92 not to be defeated in an away league game this season will survive.
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    The joke that is Nottm County

    In here lads
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    Away supporters at The New Lawn

    A question of Forest Green supporters on the list. Can away supporters buy tickets on the day and are any seating tickets available.
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    B teams in Scotland They are calling Celtic and Rangers B teams as Colts. It started this year with Colt teams playing in Challenge Cup. I wonder how much our FA are pushing this with the SFA.
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    The A38 Derby (Stags vs Grecians)

    Tough one for the Stags but I feel with Byrom returning from injury we should pocket three points on Saturday. Let’s hope that cheating b***ard Reid doesn’t dive and win a 97th penalty like last season.
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    Robins vs Stags (CTFC vs MTFC)

    Hope the pitch is better than the sand pit that we played on last year. Should come away with three points tomorrow. Can't see many staggies at this one but I should be there. Is the shuttle bus still running from the racecourse car park? Last year they had stopped it but heard it might be on...
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    Col Uwe vs Stags

    Can't see us scoring again, now four games without a goal and play Carlisle on Saturday who are five games without a goal. The number of chances we created last night was incredible. Think it is 31 in last two games. Camped in Col Uwe half all second half and still couldn't score. Difference...
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    The A38 Derby (Exeter vs Mansfield)

    if them two massive clubs, Luton and Carlisle can have a road Derby then why not us. Since back in the League have won all three at St James' So with Exeter's home form and our history at Exeter surely this is a banker away win.
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    Tippy Tappy Grecians vs Five Goal Stags

    Not seen a thread for this Tuesday night game so I thought I'd start one. Exeter have been the best side I have seen at the Mill this season when they beat us 2-0 in November. Since our return to the League, this will be our third visit to St James with us winning both previous occasions ...