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    Ox vs Blades

    Looking forward to this one as I like Sheffield United and I like Chris Wilder. Knowing a bit about how Wilder will play, and what he will know about us, and about how good Sheff Utd are, I could probably make a sensible prediction today. Instead I'll stay true to form and go for a 3-0 Ox win...
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    Lower league tropes

    My absolute favourite thing about supporting a lower league team is the complete freedom to chat utter shit and never be called up on it. Sometimes it all goes a bit too far and Bristol City spend £1.5m (reminder: five Matty Taylors) on a player like Callum O'Dowda who they presumably have not...
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    Shrews vs Oxen

    Battle of the animals. Complete mismatch. 3-0 Ox.
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    Oxford host Charlton

    And a fine welcome to any Londoners making the trip West today. I think they will be overconfident and this will actually be quite easy for the mighty yellows - will go for a 3-0 win to Oxford.
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    Sheffield United (Wilder) vs Oxford

    This match is all about Chris Wilder. Normally I'd use this first post to offer some valuable insight into the Oxford side, in the hope of improving the matchday experience for our friends in Sheffield. However I'm too bloody focused on Wilder, who all Oxford supporters talk about all the...
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    Oxford vs Peterborough

    A team calling themselves the Posh travel to 'Old Money' Oxford. A loss to Fleetwood last night means Oxford are currently on course for 15 points this season. A win on Saturday would mean that we could wait until Saturday 15 October to pick up another point, and still be on track for that lofty...
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    Fleetwood host Oxen

    That I am writing this and not driving up the M40 is indicative of the fact that I'm not attending. As I miss my first league game of the season, will I also be missing a famous first win in League One for the boys in yellow? This is the only game on tonight, probably, and as it features two of...
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    Oxford vs Stevenage

    Two teams enter. One team leaves. Then later the other team leaves after being declared the winner. Post here about how Kemar Roofe wasn't any good against your team.
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    The Tinpot Rankings

    In another thread elsewhere, the Leyton Orient fan (mouthy one, I don't remember usernames sorry) asks for our favourite memories of following our terrible teams. But he also makes the excellent point that most of us are not fools, and we know that our chosen club might not actually be més que...
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    Oxford vs Wycombe

    After dropping two points against a weaker Carlisle side, I absolutely think the lads will put things right here. 3-0 to Oxford.
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    Coaching badges

    Do we have many/any qualified coaches here? I've basically realised that I know nothing at all about football, and I thought this might be a better way to learn than reading "Inverting the Pyramid" or trying not to be terrible at football manager. Plus the shortage of coaches and all that...
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    the university derby

    Oxford United versus Cambridge Whatevers. These two teams really hate each other and I expect a strong turn out from students on both sides. Thoughts from Cambridge fans etc?