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  1. SUTSS

    1FF Wars 3.5

    #MakeMeatBoyGreatAgain(MLM/MMGA): Oaf, Techno Natch, Spirederman Money: £1,450,000 / Wages: £144k (Territory Cap: 15/24) Roster: Big Daddy, 12, 1hp, 1D6 £200,000, £30,000, Little Sister Rocky Balboa, 9, 3hp, 1D6 £300,000, £29,000, Eye of the tiger Scott Pilgrim, 12, 1hp, 1D6 £150,000, £20,000...
  2. SUTSS

    Norwich v Forest

    Have a pretty good feeling about this. We tend to do better against the better teams and Forest certainly aren't going to sit back and play for a point against us. Norwich 3-1 Forest
  3. SUTSS

    Night of the Werewolves - The Legend of Black Shuck

    There is a legend that they tell of a huge monstrous dog that stalks the people of East Anglia. Black Shuck is his name. In the summer of 1577 he attacked in the Suffolk towns of Blythburgh and Bungay. A storm raged off the Suffolk coast and the people of Blythburgh retreated to the church for...
  4. SUTSS

    Watford v Norwich

    Think this will be a tense and nervy affair which will be settled with the odd goal if either side is to win it. Think Watford are more likely to get that goal and I'd certainly take a draw if I was offered it right now.
  5. SUTSS

    Norwich v Blackpool

    A must win for us if we want to continue our play off push. I'll be there which in times gone by would have meant a guaranteed loss or draw but since ending the 2 and a half seasons without seeing a win I've only seen wins so looking forward to this tomorrow. Norwich 3-0 Blackpool
  6. SUTSS

    Birmingham v Norwich

    We need to improve a lot from our game v Brentford to win this. Too many times this season we've turned up just expecting to win and that is now Alex Neil's biggest task. I expect a reaction today. Birmingham 1 -3 Norwich
  7. SUTSS

    Coming This Spring.....

    They return.....
  8. SUTSS

    The Formula 1 Thread

    First car designs for the 2015 season are starting to come out. Williams Force India
  9. SUTSS

    Upcoming Games Thread

    A thread to discuss upcoming games that you're looking forward to.
  10. SUTSS

    The January Transfer Wishlist

    What do you need in the Janaury window? I think here at Norwich we really need a commanding centre half. It's by far the weakest area of our team and so often looks disorganised, if we can find someone to fill that role I think we'd start to really fly. A left winger would be nice as well. We...
  11. SUTSS

    Art and Architecture Thread

    A thread for sharing pictures and thoughts on art and architecture. I'll get it started with some brutalism. Tricorn, Portsmouth. Ziggurats, University of East Anglia, Norwich Trellick Tower, London
  12. SUTSS

    Missing TFFers

    As it looks like TFF has closed for good now without everyone being able to make their way over here, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread to list some of the big names that haven't been able to find there way here and to see if anyone on the forum has anyway of contacting them and...