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  1. AnkleBiter

    Table predictions

    Come on then, less than a week to go before the season starts, time to get off that fence... 1) Man City 2) Liverpool 3) Man Utd 4) Chelsea 5) Arsenal 6) Spurs 7) West Ham 8) Everton 9) Palace 10) Wolves 11) Bournemouth 12) Leicester 13) Brighton 14) Burnley 15) Fulham 16) Huddersfield 17)...
  2. AnkleBiter

    Championship play offs

    Apart from Derby (sorry Rammy) I think all the others would stay up next season. Fulham have looked Premier League ready for a while, and you'd expect Villa and Boro to really invest under Bruce and Pulis. I think Villa will win them and I wouldn't mind seeing them back up.
  3. AnkleBiter

    Too many games over the festive period?

    Plenty of managers complaining about this. I love festive football, but being at Leicester yesterday with a stinking hangover and our 4th match in 10 days, I started to agree with them. No problem with our games on the 23rd, 26th and 30th but to then play 2 days later on New Years Day is too...
  4. AnkleBiter

    Match Day Huddersfield v Newcastle

    Biggest game of the season so far for both of us I think. We probably need to win to keep hopes of automatic promotion alive. If Newcastle win... then it's surely just a matter of time for them. Game is a sell out, so it'll be the 3rd time this season that we've beaten our record league...
  5. AnkleBiter

    Match Day Barnsley v Huddersfield

    Always a decent fixture, but not usually at this end of the table! We've sold 4500 and sounds like it'll be a good home crowd too, more than I thought we'd take especially with another big following going to the Etihad on Wednesday. We're living the dream with 6 wins in a row and pushing for...
  6. AnkleBiter

    Match Day Huddersfield v Brighton

    Big game made even bigger through other teams around both of us continually doing well... Tenner a ticket so 20k+ there including a decent Brighton following (about 1000 I think?), impressive from both sides for a Thursday night on Sky. We've played pretty much all of the top teams away, only...
  7. AnkleBiter

    Match Day Wednesday v Huddersfield

    Big game, should be a good un. We did have a great record at Hillsborough but Carvahal has beaten Wagner 3 times in a row now... and really stifled us in the last 2 games at ours. We're without Hogg, Van La Parra and probably Palmer which is a big blow for us. I'd definitely take a point right...
  8. AnkleBiter

    Match Day Huddersfield v Forest

    Looks a really winnable game for us on the back on 3 in a row, especially with Forest supposedly without Lansbury, and looking a bit down in the dumps in general this season. We're yet to score 3 goals in a game this season, and all 12 of our wins have been by a single goal :ohn: Ward Löwe...
  9. AnkleBiter

    Brighton v Huddersfield (who are top of the league, in case you didn't know)

    Not again... Surely? I had this one down as our first defeat but this weekend's results certainly look to give us more hope. Brighton are a top 3 side so for me so I am surprised they've not started better. We'd happily take a point in this one. Took a few knocks in Saturday's derby so we may...
  10. AnkleBiter

    League Leaders v Wolves

    ...let us enjoy it whilst we can! Another good fixture this with both teams starting well and a big test for both of us. Wolves, on paper, probably have the better side, but we still don't know how good we are.. are we the real deal or getting by on the buzz around the club at the moment and...
  11. AnkleBiter

    Aston Villa v Huddersfield

    We couldn't do it again... could we? 3 days after a deserved win at St James Park, we have another away day we could only dream of during all those dull years in the bottom 2 divisions. Bit gutted this game is a Tuesday night straight after Newcastle but looks like that's not a popular opinion...
  12. AnkleBiter

    Leeds 1-4 Huddersfield

    Deserved a thread :happy:
  13. AnkleBiter

    Huddersfield v Leeds

    t'classico Unfortunately a 12:30 kick off, despite nothing big happening for... ever? We've been good at home under Powell, barring a couple of hiccups, so I should be confident but you just feel Leeds can always pull it out of the bag, even though I have no doubt we're the better side on...