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    Welcome Derby County to League 1

    Pretty much confirmed their relegation tonight by going into administration.
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    Predictions 2021/22

    From a neutral point of view this division looks a lot more wide open than usual. I don't see a stand out team never mind 3 or 4 teams. Maybe you lot will have a better idea than me but anyone willing to make some predictions for this season?
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    Bunn's Biffo's v Lowe 's legitimate lads (Oldham v Bury)

    Our first proper local game of the season and we're away to Oldham who sit in mid table only 5 points away from a playoff position. I can't remember the last time we've played well in a local game so will be interesting to see if we are fired up for this game. No idea of how Oldham are...
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    The Preseason epic fun thread

    Our boys are back in training today and our first game is a week on Saturday. Post your friendly game reports and any fun related preseason banter in here.
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    Season Tickets and match day prices. 18/19

    So our season ticket prices were announced today and they are Previous season ticket holders (bought before 31st May) £225 then £250 until the 15th July and a huge increase to £350 from the 16th onwards New season ticket ( bought before July 15th) £250 then £350 from the 16th onwards There's...
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    Fleetwood sack Rosler

    It wasn't long ago they were doing well.
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    This part of the forum is quiet...

    Where are you all? Are football forums just dying or are we waiting for the second half of the season to get going? There doesn't even seem to be much match talk before or after a match bar a few posters. Maybe I should start a forum game?...
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    Boro v Berry

    Its got pretty boring watching or listening to Bury on the road as it normally ends up in one way. We've been awful for most of the season bar the odd 20-30 minutes in a couple of games this season. Dawson and Beckford are hopefully going to be back to give us any chance but without them its...
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    Boo Clark v Boo Ferguson (Shakers v Rovers)

    Two poor teams where both need 3 points no matter how. Could be a toxic atmosphere if Bury go a goal down. Dreadful 0-0 to keep both managers in a job for another week.
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    The League 1 General Chat Match Thread

    For when you can't be bothered to make your own match thread or your club is just too small and boring. This is the thread for you. Bradford City v Bristol Rovers Blackpool v AFC Wimbledon Bury v Scunthorpe United Doncaster Rovers v Peterborough United Gillingham v Shrewsbury Town Milton Keynes...
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    Forum Cleanup

    Hi, So I thought I'd have a little look at the match threads for this week to see where I can lose my money and basically everything seemed all over the place. I believe you boys and girls deserve better. Therefore I've moved all the game threads to the top and moved most of the old matchday...
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    Carabao cup aka league cup

    1st Round of games this week. Thoughts, predictions and general chit chat in here.
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    Manager gone alert thread

    Seems like Michael Appleton is off to be Leicester's assistant manager. First casualty of this elite league?
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    League Cup Round 1

    Tomorrow at 1pm. North – Seeds 1. Barnsley 2. Blackburn Rovers 3. Bolton Wanderers 4. Bradford City 5. Burton Albion 6. Derby County 7. Fleetwood Town 8. Leeds United 9. Nottingham Forest 10. Preston North End 11. Rochdale 12. Rotherham United 13. Scunthorpe United 14. Sheffield United 15...
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    Pompey have new owners

    Good job I banned that poster when I did really. Obviously money doesn't mean everything but it'll be interesting to see what kind of players they go after now.
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    The Summer General Discussion thread

    So for all but two teams it's now time to put our wretched season behind us and have a glorious 3 months off. Things are going to be a little more relaxed now to fill the time. So feel free to use this thread as a general thread about pretty much anything - it doesn't have to relate to league...
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    Bradford v Millwall

    Bradford and Millwall play at Wembley for the last spot in the championship. All match talk in here.
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    Millwall v Scunthorpe

    6th v 3rd Millwall claimed the last spot with a 4-3 final day win and should have confidence coming in to this two legged game. Scunthorpe have been in the top 6 all season and might be disappointed to not already be promoted.
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    Bradford v Fleetwood

    5th v 4th. I would say Bradford are the favourites for this one although they do have a habit of drawing when they should have won. Fleetwood are the underdogs and will have the least pressure of all 4 teams.
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    EFL team of the season