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  1. Reremnart

    EFL Trophy 22/23

    I would stop going to away games to if I had to watch a game in the company of some of knuckle dragging dregs of humanity that follow Bolton around the country
  2. Reremnart

    Tuesday 16th August

    and long may that scenario continue
  3. Reremnart

    Tuesday 16th August

    I concur with that statement. Even 3 seasons and into a forth one later I still have visions of the standard of officiating in the VNL. Having said that several of the clowns we had in our time down there we are now getting in the FL (Backhouse, Wright and Coggins to mention just three).
  4. Reremnart

    Saturday 30th July

    Ditto Stevenage but there again I wouldn`t come on here if we had sold 60 tickets for the first game of the season having signed 50 plus players in the off season. Having said that 60 is better than last season when 29 of them turned up I think it was.
  5. Reremnart

    2022/23 New Gear Thread

    This is our new away kit. It`s described as Mint Green with Chocolate collar and cuffs. It`s a bit marmite really. A lot of the fans like it and there was quite a large queue outside the club shop after the game Saturday to buy it but it`s not for me if I`m honest.
  6. Reremnart

    Best ground in the UK

    Yes the car park is massive but getting off it and battling your way through the traffic coming out of the various retail outlets is not the best. Last time we went there it took us longer to get out of the carpark, down Bumpers Lane and onto Sealand Road then it did to get back home. Anyway...
  7. Reremnart

    Opening Day fixtures

    Stockport will bring at least 5 thousand on their own if you believe half the rubbish some of their fans put on Social Media. They are the best fans in the league according to them. Funny that because last time we played there I doubt there were 2 and a half thousand of them and what there was...
  8. Reremnart

    2022/23 New Gear Thread

    I was on holiday in Salou last year and the place was full of Irish people many of whom were wearing Gaelic football shirts made by O`Neils and we all agreed that they should go into producing football kits as the shirts we saw were really nice both in design and quality. Be interesting to see...
  9. Reremnart

    League Two 22/23

    Indeed Wirral has never been part of Lancashire as the River Mersey forms part of the border (hence why Stockport is also in Cheshire I assume as the river, although more a glorified steam at that point , runs through there) although both Widnes and Runcorn strangely are both Cheshire towns...
  10. Reremnart

    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta Season 2022/23 L2

    As we are playing away Tranmere to lose to Leyton Orient 7/5
  11. Reremnart

    John Yems

    Never liked the man. Always thought there was "something about him" that was shady and I can`t say I`m surprised it`s this. Just how he hasn`t been brought to book sooner is what surprises me. He must have had the younger players terrified of him
  12. Reremnart

    Saturday 30th April & Monday 2nd May

    First I`ve heard of this but I wouldn`t be surprised. I agree it`s sad in a way but there again why should Tranmere pay out a fortune in extra Policing etc because the fans of the visiting club has a gripe against their owner (albeit a fully justifible one. The guy is a disgrace) and why should...
  13. Reremnart

    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta Season 2022/23 L2

    Tranmere to beat Oldham 30/4
  14. Reremnart

    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta Season 2022/23 L2

    Tranmere to win at Stevenage
  15. Reremnart

    Easter Monday: 18th March 2022

    Yup. Exeter’s big hard number 39 pushing a ball boy then s**ting himself when the kid squared up to him.
  16. Reremnart

    Good Friday: - 15th April 2020

    And the worst away end. Believe guys you are in for an shock when you see how truly awful it is. Far worse than yours is.
  17. Reremnart

    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta Season 2022/23 L2

    Tranmere to win at Bradford City and Joker please
  18. Reremnart

    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta Season 2022/23 L2

    Tranmere to draw with Bristol Rovers 9/4
  19. Reremnart

    Week ending 2nd April

    Breakspeare`s performance today was without question one of the worse, if not the worst, I have seen from a referee in the FL since I started watching football. It wasn`t just the sendings off . It was the inconsistency of it. He let some challenges as bad as he had red carded people for go...
  20. Reremnart

    Stickied Oakey’s Predicta Season 2022/23 L2

    Tranmere to beat Carlisle 2/4/22