1. P

    Research on male football fans views of female pundits

    Hiya, I am currently doing an undergraduate degree in Events Management and completing my dissertation which is about male football fans views of female pundits. Part of my project requires around 100 responses to this short questionnaire. It is only 16 questions mostly picking one answer and...
  2. D

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the Demand for English Football

    Hi All I am approaching the end of my MA Sports Business Degree at Leeds Beckett. Part of this Degree consists of a Major Independent Study (MIS) My MIS is titled - "The Effects of COVID-19 on the Demand for English Football". The aim of the study is to gauge the feelings of football fans...
  3. C

    Dissertation research

    Hello, I am currently studying Business at Stirling University and researching into the impact the TV deals have had on the English Premier League match day experience. My survey will only last 5 minutes max and any responses would be very much appreciated. I will leave the link below - thanks...
  4. U

    Premier League fans views on competitiveness

    Hi guys, If you are a Premier League fan, Please could you answer this questionnaire, it should only take 2-3 minutes of your time and would be really helpful for my dissertation. If you are a football fan over the age of 18, please complete my questionnaire regarding how fans see the...
  5. D

    Premier League fans you can help!
  6. JD162

    Premier League too money orientated?

    Over recent seasons there has been a lot of talk surrounding the focus of the Premier League and individual clubs shifting towards money and profit and in turn they are alienating fans. It's something which we keep seeing with ticket prices, merchandise etc. and that is what my dissertation is...
  7. D

    Premier League Questionnaire for fans

    Any Premier League fans who could help out and have a spare 2 minutes to fill out my questionnaire, I would be very grateful. Will help out with my University dissertation and is all about commercialisation.
  8. D

    Questionnaire for Premier League fans

    Hello, I am a university student studying a football studies degree and currently undergoing my dissertation and need the help of Premier league football fans to fill out a quick questionnaire on Commercialization and help to collect my data
  9. V


    Hi Onefootball members, We are a group of students of a Business School in Germany, interested in the relation between football fans and their favourite teams. We are conducting a short survey in the UK and trying to find out how to improve your fan experience. Please help us by participating...
  10. Joe Cummins

    Fans from different background's experience of Euros

    I'm a journalism student at Sussex uni, writing a piece on the experiences of fans from different backgrounds. Some human rights groups made the point that the added security at the tournament was being targeted at Muslim fans. I would like to know if anyone had seen any evidence of this or...


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