1. S

    Who Deserves It More?

    Who Deserves It More? This premier league season would be remembered for ages for all the reasons. This season can simply be regarded as premier league at its very best. We up till now have seen things which we probably never even dreamt off. Who knew Leicester would be top of the table. Who...
  2. elnino65

    Leicester show no signs of slowing up while United drop out of CL places

    It will be Klopp's turn next up for the Foxes to see if they can extend or perhaps maintain their 5 point advantage at the top. As a Liverpool supporter, our next 2 leagues game starting with Watford tomorrow could be crucial to whether we can keep within touch of the four title contenders, so...
  3. Whitechapel

    Swansea v Leicester - Sat 5th Dec - 15:00

    Match day chat.