manchester united

  1. B

    Why did Manchester United get their goat drunk and behead it?

    A look at the history and programmes of Manchester United FC from 1878 to 1939.
  2. W

    Hello Bud Hub

    Hello Its William here who supports Manchester United let us know which is your team?
  3. mnb089mnb

    Cannon where is the games console? Fodder

    Had forgotten about Cannon Fodder on the Amiga using the poppy as part of the introduction of their game... POPPY GAME INSULT TO OUR WAR DEAD Exclusive by Jonathan Guy 26/10/93 War veterans have slammed as "monstrous" a decision to use a Remembrance Day poppy to illustrate a new computer...
  4. P

    Craziest football Players of All-Time

    The Most Insane Footballer in history is Mario
  5. mnb089mnb

    A fact you willl be surprised to learn about each 1FF member

    I will start. I do not own a fan assisted oven.
  6. FudgyBiscuit

    2016/17 Premier League Predictions!!

    This weekend marks the return of Premier League football and with all the new transfers & managers this season shaping up to be one of the most exciting so far I decided to show you guys how I think the Premier League table will shape up. Agree or Disagree? Let me know how you think the...
  7. S

    If you are to Coach a club like Arsenal or United which tactics will you use

    Hello there, with the current happenings in EPL, what if united board walk up to you and you are to coach either Manchester United or Arsenal. Which tactics will you employ to salvage the miseries this squard are facing. Manchester United --- 4-2-2-2 Diamond. Arsenal ------------------- 4-3-2-1...
  8. S


    Hello Pals, i will be pleased to know your take on this issue. Among this four world known and recognised coaches who had made an indelible mark during their reigns (although some are still making theirs) who will you rank first, second, third and fourth of all time. SIR ALEX FERGUSON, JOSE...
  9. S

    Louis Van Gaal: Is he to stay or go

    With over £200m expended by our board (Manchester United) to acquire quality players under the managerial tutelage of the one refered to as the "CHOSEN ONE". Do you still think this man in person of van gaal will be allowed to continue with his last remaining contract to man united through the...
  10. Bettingrunner

    English Premier League Betting Tips

    Manchester City vs Manchester United - 20/03/2016 The most anticipated Manchester derby is back this weekend but both the clubs are packed with European duties with Manchester United facing a heavy lift match against Liverpool in the Europa league. City on the other hand has less to worry about...
  11. Ciaran-Fitzgerald

    Which English team do you think are favourites?

    The first question is IF you think English teams are even favourite? But, humoring the possibility that one of them will win, who will it be? Vote below.
  12. Uzair Masood

    Jose to Manchester United?

    It seems Jose is going to manage United after Chelsea sack! Your views are welcomed. :)
  13. elnino65

    Leicester show no signs of slowing up while United drop out of CL places

    It will be Klopp's turn next up for the Foxes to see if they can extend or perhaps maintain their 5 point advantage at the top. As a Liverpool supporter, our next 2 leagues game starting with Watford tomorrow could be crucial to whether we can keep within touch of the four title contenders, so...


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