premier league fans

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    Football Research

    Hey, I am conducting a study on the views and experiences of football fans on football today through a group discussion, as part of my university research. If anyone would be interested please register your interest via the link attached...
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    Dissertation research

    Hello, I am currently studying Business at Stirling University and researching into the impact the TV deals have had on the English Premier League match day experience. My survey will only last 5 minutes max and any responses would be very much appreciated. I will leave the link below - thanks...
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    Financial Fair Play Dissertation

    Can everyone do me a massive favour and please take five minutes and fill out a questionnaire based on financial fair play for my university dissertation, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you. click the link below
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    Premier League competitiveness dissertation questionnaire Please could you answer this questionnaire, it should only take 2-3 minutes of your time and would be really helpful for my dissertation. If you are a football fan over the age of 18, please complete my questionnaire regarding how fans see the...
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    Premier League fans survey

    Hi, I am undertaking research on the factors that affect Premier League stadium attendances and I would really appreciate it if any of you took the time to complete my questionnaire. It will only take 3 minutes to complete. The link for it follows. Thanks...
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    Dissertation student - please spare 5 minutes

    Hi everyone! I am currently gathering data for my university dissertation regarding fan perceptions of football clubs' brand personalities. This survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and you only require the following to participate: Use or have used Twitter Be familiar with Manchester City...
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    Premier League Questionnaire for fans

    Any Premier League fans who could help out and have a spare 2 minutes to fill out my questionnaire, I would be very grateful. Will help out with my University dissertation and is all about commercialisation.
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    Questionnaire for Premier League fans

    Hello, I am a university student studying a football studies degree and currently undergoing my dissertation and need the help of Premier league football fans to fill out a quick questionnaire on Commercialization and help to collect my data