1FF Prediction League - Starts Saturday!!


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Aug 3, 2014
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Welcome back for a second season of the '1FF Prediction league'.. some of you played last season and we are hoping that others will join this season. The Prediction league here on 1FF is totally automated and runs with just a few clicks of a button.. for those that played last season, it's exactly as you were in terms of taking part..for those that didn't, I'll give you a small run down below.

How to join?
Go to '1FF Prediction League' on the main menubar..once you are in there..scroll down and enter the scores for the fixtures that you see in the small boxes next to each relative fixture. Once you have filled all scores in for the leagues that you wish to predict on...scroll to the bottom and hit 'save'. That will save your predictions. As soon as you have predicted scores for once week, you will be 'signed up' and 'playing' for the season. No worries if you miss a week or a few games, you won't be taken out of any table. Example below..


It's a simple as that.

How does it work?
Simple really.

You will be handed 3 points for a correct scoreline...
IE -
Your Prediction - Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea
The Scoreline - Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

You got the final score correct, you earned - 3 points.

You will be handed 1 point for every correct outcome......
IE -
Your prediction - Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea
The scoreline - Arsenal 1-3 Chelsea

You got the OUTCOME correct, but not the final score - 1 point.

At the end of each round of fixtures, scores will be added up and placed in an automated table. You will be able to see how many points you scored and where you are in the table in a specific league, by clicking the respective league down the left hand side and then using the small set of tabs..as seen in this image...


I clicked League One..so it took me to League One... I clicked game week 45 at the top next to matchday and it produced the scores of that week...then my predicted scores...and how many points I earnt in the box. Explaining this sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

Here is the table...



Last season we went with just one prize at the end of the season...this one will be a little different. This time round we will have 2 seasons. We intend for the seasons to be as close to 'half' of the normal season as possible, probably around Boxing Day/New Years. Last season a few people decided to give up playing when it became obvious they weren't going to win the league - having 2 seasons, with 2 sets of prizes available will surely keep EVERYONE interested?

Prize Money P/H

1st - £12.50
2nd - £7.50
3rd - £5.00

This prize money will be available for both half seasons, so if you don't perform well before christmas, come back after and go for the winnings again!

Don't forget to get all predictions in before 3pm on Saturday (Depending on whether you are predicting on 1 league or all - beware of early Premier League games).

Predict here today > http://www.onefootballforum.co.uk/index.php?xfsoccer/

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