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Aug 3, 2014
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I just wanted to clear a few things up with regards to the ads we are using on site, how they work, what they do for the site and what exactly you are viewing.

What are our ads?
They are provided by a company called 'SnackMedia' - >

They are a big third party middle man company, who work on behalf of some of the biggest names in the industry. They get their ads directly from other companies, they search around the internet for websites they think would be suitable for those adverts, they contact the website (like they did to us) and then they offer us a certain payment deal for the ads they want to promote.

On this basis - 1FF does NOT, pick or chose it's own ads.

If we didn't use this company we would use Google Adsense who, also pick and chose their own ads based on the target audience of any given website - once again, we would NOT pick or chose our own ads.

How do they benefit us?
We get paid in the CPM sector -

-> 'DEFINITION of 'Cost Per Thousand
- CPM' The price of 1,000advertisement impressions on one webpage. If a website publisher charges $2 CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $2 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad. The "M" in CPM represents the roman numeral for 1,000'

So we get paid per impressions of any single ad - hence why our 2 header ads on are the front page, the homepage of the site - simply because everyone must navigate to the home page to scan down the forum.

From Black Friday - January sales, we thought it would be helpful for the site to get rid of the ads used by the company mentioned above and trial out whether we could make a commission of the same scale, or slightly more. The deal with Amazon is slightly different, in that the site gets a small commission (4-8% of anything you purchase) if you click through our banners, or our direct code link above the shoutbox before you purchase something.

Once January is up - we will be returning to the third party ads that are out of our control.

What ads should you be seeing?
Currently - when you are LOGGED IN

1 Amazon ad > Top Header inside each page you click, it's just set to be there in the header regardless of page.

1 Amazon ad > Down the right hand side of the home page

2-3 Small discrete ads > On the bottom of the Prediction League (people might use it for 5 minutes a week), one under the shoutbox which is only shown when you physically click the shoutbox tab and navigate to that page.

As Above + 1-2 inside a thread, underneath any content, well out of the way - not between posts, or in posts like done on other websites. These are intended to target guests and entice people to sign up to get rid of them or alternatively, if you are already a member - stay constantly logged in.

When should you NOT see any advertisements?
- If you are a site supporter
- If you are admin
- if you are a moderator
- if you use ad blocker

How can I avoid ads?
- Stay logged in all the time on your mobile/computer
- Use adblocker, it's totally free. I use it. >

- Become a site supporter, it's £5 for the entire year. For some people that use the website for 2-3 hours per day, everyday of the year, it seems a little surprising that you wouldn't A) Help yourself whilst using something you clearly enjoy or B) Help the site out that you clearly enjoy using so much?

What do we use ads for?
They help us pay the bills.

1FF costs £1,000+ per year to run.

Myself and TB are happy to pay all the bills. We signed up for this and we are by no means remotely bothered by having to pay for the site - it's ours and yours to use as often as you like (preferably more often than not) and we are very happy to continue forward regardless of costs, the time require etc. Just to eradicate any worries, we have big plans for the site going forward to expand and keep growing. However, we are both working class people as such, I'm doing a part time uni course which gives me less hours to work etc and TB has only just recently moved to a new job. We would both like to help ourselves if possible (I'm sure people can see that) and by using a couple of ads in hopefully not disruptive positions, or a non disruptive nature (90% of them aren't anything to do with us) we hope to achieve that.

TB deals with the Site Supporter side of things, but I'd say we had probably £250 worth of site supporters (brillant, thanks a lot guys). We then have to counter that out with;

- Domain
- Hosting
- Software License
- Media
- Blog
- Prediction League

We want all these things to ensure that the site is attractive to come back to. This season the Prediction League will be broken down into 2 seperate tournaments - not just 1, after I made this suggestion to TB. Thats 3 prizes in 4 leagues, twice over a season. Myself and TB both agreed that should no funds be made available from ads then I would physically pay for both of these tournament payouts - which is something I want to do, am happy to do, but again, it would help us out if there was a trickle of ad payments. We want to run ticket prize tournaments and competitions to keep members interested, keep you guys coming back in the hope we can continue expanding - but in order to do so, we rely on the ad income.

I'd also just like to clarify that we ourselves are not keen on ads, they look a bit messy and tatty but they are a neccessary evil at this stage. We don't want any rift between admin and any members. We all saw what happened when things went wrong at TFF and that is something that will NOT happen on 1FF under any circumstances.

If people have any issues then please ask immediately. Please send a PM to one of us directly or start something in the feedback/support section. We will all hear all suggestions out.

Lastly and this is the most important.

If people are getting ads when they shouldn't be, can see ads in the wrong place, have any suggestions or are having ANY problems at all - can you please report them to THIS THREAD ONLY >> and in the process please upload a screenshot - that is the only way that we can change them quickly and effectively.

I hope that explains things and clears up issues with regards to the tone and nature of the ads that have been shown at 1FF in recent months.

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