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Best Bookmakers & Available Offers in the UK Market


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Jan 17, 2015
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Ipswich Town
Punters & bookies alike have become much more aware in recent years of the simply vast competition both sides of the fence face when it comes to placing bets and reviewing odds online. Gone are the days where a punter would have to visit his or hers favourite bookie on the high street – now they can simply fire up their computer and gain access to a wealth of different bookmakers, in addition to information regarding any and all betting markets within a few seconds and a couple of clicks.

Odds comparison has become part of a committed sports betting customers routine on a daily basis. Whether it's via OddsChecker or any pick of hundreds of other comparison sites, it's now easy to view real-time odds for any betting market and be able to track the betting line 24 hours a day, to see which odds are shortening and lengthening.

Here at our personal favourite go-to site for everything relating to sports betting market odds, is OddsPedia provide so much more than just simple graphs showing you how the market is performing in any specific betting niche. Their tagline states they offer a “Complete Guide to The Best Online Bookmakers”, and they go the extra mile for their readers. In addition to the latest information on odds, they also provide high quality in-depth reviews of both the most popular bookmakers around in addition to highlighting some of the best new players to enter the gambling sector.


With a sleek, modern website design they systematically break down features of a Bookie and highlight the pros and cons of the services they offer, including things like best odds guarantees, deposit & withdrawals methods and timelines, sign up and deposit bonuses, and they tie this up nicely with a rating out of 5 for every bookmaker they choose to review.

OddsPedia are impartial in the fact that they do not get paid up-front fees for listings or placements on their website. Instead, they receive a commission when a reader chooses to sign-up to a bookmaker they have reviewed on site. The size and frequency of the commission will often depend on how long a sign-up stays & plays on a particular site, so it's always in OddsPedia's best interests to provide accurate reviews & deliver the best possible offers to their readership.​

With such a wealth of information now being made available by these third-party sites; there really is no good reason for why you should accept anything but the absolute best odds available on the market moving forward, irrespective of whether you're betting on Football, Cricket, or even Figure Skating!
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