Champions League: The Favourites


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Jan 17, 2015
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The Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League is coming to an end this week. While it’s a bit too early to predict the outright winner of the tournament, a look at any prediction website or soccer app can already show you who the favourites for the title are this season. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at who has the best chances to win the Champions League next year.

Manchester City​

One of the favourites for the title this season - the favourite, according to some bookmakers - is Manchester City. The team won four of its five matches, scoring 17 goals and conceding 8. It is leading PSG by four points at the time of writing.

Its position in the group is not threatened by its game against RB Leipzig today.


The Reds had an impressive run in the Champions League group stage so far. Their last five matches were all winners, with the team scoring 15 goals and only conceding 5. Their position can’t be challenged in their group - they lead second-placed Porto by 10 points. Liverpool has impressed with its victories although it has some big names in its group - Atlético Madrid and AC Milan.


Winner of its group, the Amsterdam team had a beautiful run of victories against teams like Borussia Dortmund and Sporting, the club it leads by six points before their match today. Still, compared to its potential opponents, the chances of Ajax making it to the final - and winning it - are considered pretty slim.

Real Madrid​

With four wins out of five and an impressive goal difference, Real Madrid is currently leading its group - at least until its game against Inter Milan later today. The chances of the team making it to the final are pretty slim, though, according to bookmakers, let alone it winning the tournament.

Bayern Munich​

Bayern Munich ploughed through its opponents in Group E like a steam roller, and it’s boasting the best goal spread in the tournament so far. According to the bookies, its chances of making it into the final and ultimately winning the tournament are almost equal to those of Man City. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see the two teams face each other in the game.

Manchester United​

The Red Devils had their ups and downs lately, so their spot in the latter part of the tournament is shaky at best. They do lead their group but only by 3 points ahead of Villareal with both teams having a game still ahead of them. We’ll see.


Lille currently leads Group G but only by a handful of points, with both RB Salzburg and Sevilla having a chance to dethrone the French team. As for its chances to make it to the final - they are close to zero, the bookies say, based on its performance in the tournament so far.


Finally, the Blues have performed well in their group - but so did Juventus, with the two teams having equal points (Chelsea leads by goal difference). Still, Juve is seen as an underdog, with chances to make it to the final that are very slim. Chelsea’s odds of winning are approximately equal to those of Ajax.

So, who will win the Champions League this season? Well, my money is on a final played by Man City and Bayern Munich. Which of these two teams will win… only time will tell.
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