Football Club Presentation Night - End of Season Award Preperation


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Jan 17, 2015
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Football Club Presentation Night​



Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Perfomance
From the start of the football season, it is wise to ask your club members, parents and players what they would like to do as an end of season celebration. There will undoubtedly be a few discussions going in various directions but this is all part and parcel of the process towards a fantastic end of season football presentation event.

Once you have narrowed the list down to a few choices, around Christmas time it is time for a vote on the one that you will carry forward. It has been found that this is a good time to talk about the presentation night as it livens up what sometimes are quite dark times during the winter months. It also gives you a few months to prepare and organise what you need in place as booking a venue should be done as far in advance as possible.

You will need to think about numbers if you are a small team or a large club to make sure you get a football presentation venue that is suitable and you can all get to easily. Price is also an important consideration as most teams and clubs do not have a large budget to spend on the nicer things. When it comes to price, you need to ask your members how much extra they can put towards the end of season event after they have paid their monthly subs etc. This might amount to not much at all, so this helps in the decision process of what you can achieve or the venue location they choose.

Adult teams can take their pick of lots of options like a pub function room and then a meal at an Indian restuarant. Junior teams and clubs usually settle for a community centre and a disco with varied themes like World Night where parents are asked to bring in home-made foods from around the world.

Awards Budget​

What players will be thinking throughtout the season will be who has won the coveted Players' Player award and all the other possible awards. Part of the budget for the end of season night is dedicated towards the football trophies and football medals that will be handed to all junior players and the fortunate few for older teams. The cost of the awards can be small for a few top football trophies and can be a large cost for junior clubs who have to provide awards for many players and many teams. There are cost effective budget solutions for large clubs with football trophy shop discounts for larger quantities of football medals or football trophies.

Individual Presentations​

When conducting the individual awards, it is advisable for the area to be well lit with a suitable background like a large screen depicting the club logo and club colours which can be printed for a small cost in advance of the event. The background in itself will be the subject of many conversations so it is advisable to bring this subject up along with the venue, theme etc at the time of the decision making. Having a professional photographer take the photos is not costly when compared with having someone take photographs that are unusable and the event is a memory only. Professional photographs of your event will help promote your club to players and parents when selecting a team to play for in following seasons. If you couple this with a celebrity guest or well-known special guest then the photographs will be a proud momento of your football presentation night.

Order & Conduct​

It is advisable to print a scope of the order of the event and expectations of how guest should conduct themselves. Here is an example:

Seating Arrangements​

Parents and guests should sit in the middle area of the hall leaving the sides for the players. Teams should sit in their teams, with their managers / coaches in the areas as shown on the seating layout. Managers & coaches are expected to sit with their squad and ensure that they behave appropriately.


All Teams Attendance – It is expected that all squads will be in attendance to collect their awards.

Session Retention – It is expected that everyone will stay for the full duration of their session and support the other players receiving their awards and not leave after they have collected their own award.

Orderly Conduct – Although we appreciate the players will be excited, it would be hoped that managers and parents would ensure that their children are well-behaved and listen to ALL the Managers' “overview” speeches and applaud ALL teams appropriately.

Talking over speeches, booing and jeering of other teams is not allowed!


  1. H & S Procedures (entrances, exits & fire drills)​
  2. Welcome with Club and Season Overview​
  3. Introduction of “Special Guest”​
  4. Presentation of special awards​
  5. Team Managers present the “Squad Awards”​
  6. League / Cup Trophies & Manager’s Speeches​


Every Member will be expected to purchase a minimum of one ticket on entry. At the end of the presentations a draw will take place (funds will be given to a designated charity). The ticket holder will have to be in attendance to collect the prize or another ticket will be drawn and so on until there is a winner.


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  • Team of the Year​
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  • Sporting Team of the Year​
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