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Jan 17, 2015
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Ipswich Town Manage a Football Team for Free​

Goleada is a free, browser based, online, multiplayer, football manager game that concentrates on the field of play, matches and tactics instead of behind the scenes boardroom activities.

Team Manager not Team Owner​

In Goleada you play the role of a team manager. The quality of the players you have in the squad will be important, so you will have to learn to be good at finding money (from bets on other matches and from clever buying and selling) with which you can invest in purchasing better players, but this will not be enough if you don’t have an eye for tactics.

You will have to decide how to train the players, which strategies to use, how the players move on the field, who to substitute during the LIVE match engine, (more about that later) analyze the opponents strategy and act accordingly, or choosing whether to call on the team to throw everything into the match or letting them catch their breath to recover after a big game.

And yes, in Goleada, THE MATCHES ARE LIVE, you don’t watch the recorded highlights of a pre-calculated match…

LIVE matches in 3D​

Unlike other football manager games, in Goleada the match is LIVE, the choices you make during the match will have immediate effects on the players choices and positions. This feature makes it truly special, and that’s what will make you a team manager and not a spreadsheet expert (not that you can’t Excel of course)!

During the thirty-five minute long match you can change individual players instructions and positioning, push the players to give more effort and make substitutions.

You can follow the game with the 3D match engine, of course it isn’t FIFA but it still offers different camera angles and realistic player movements and hey, Goleada is a free browser based game, you don’t have to install anything on your computer or phone for the match engine to work. You can use the engine on practically all modern devices but if you use a coffee grinder to connect to the internet, there is always the 2D engine with which you can follow the match.

The tactics editor​

There is a tactics editor, with it you get complete control of your players, from where they stand when defending to where they run with the ball. You can decide not to use it as there is always the default settings, however you can still set simple instructions for each player. eg. Shoot more, pass more or dribble more, use it wisely, it can make your team play vastly better but if mishandled it can make your players run around like headless chickens.

The Leagues and Cups​

Every working day there is a league match, one season lasts around one month, there is also a League Cup and international tournaments: The Champions Cup (all the winners of the national leagues participate), The Cup Winners League (all the league cup winners participate) and The Medalists League (all those that finished 2nd or 3rd in their league participate).

The National Teams​

There are national teams in Goleada and every manager can apply to coach their national team. The National Team Manager is chosen by an election among the other managers of their country, Naional teams play in the World Cup and depending on location the AmOcAf (America, Oceania and African) Cup or the European Cup. If one of your players is called up to the national team, it will not only be a source of pride but they will also gain experience and could be worth more on the transfer market as they are recognisable (with a special icon) as belonging to a national team.

The Community​

In Goleada there are users from all across the world from the UK to Kenya and from Italy to China. Goleada is not (yet) a game with thousands of users but it is a game with a helpful and interactive community. You will always find someone willing to help you out. The community is a strength that unites everyone to the common cause… having as much fun as possible! There is a forum to discuss tactics, report problems, propose new ideas, ask for help, etc. During the game there is a live chat feature that enables you to speak to your oponent and any spectators who drop by to give the game a watch.

How much time do you need?​

How much you play is up to you, you can chose to spend hours on Goleada, watching all your live matches, spectating on those of other managers, studying players on the market, making bets or just reading through the forums. But you can also connect for just a few minutes every day or even every few days, the fun is the same!

Goleada is a Free Game, and NOT Pay2Win​

Goleada is a free game! There are no irritating advertisements, there are no coins to buy that make you stronger. Simply put, there is no pay2win, every manager has the same chance to succeed. Goleada still costs money to run so there is the possibilty to buy friendlys, get a second team or become a Supporter, these options help keep the game alive, friendlys mean that you can play a non league game against any team in Goleada, getting an additional team means… you can manage an additional team and becoming a supporter means that your team can play in your teams colours, you can assign players numbers and roles, (this just makes it easier to sort through them when setting your team up), you also get some more stats to pour over, along with a few time saving devices (changing the time of all your home matches at once instead of having to do it one by one). And best of all being a supporter, having a second team or buying some friendlys will only costs you the similar amount as one coffee, per month.

We are there, join in the fun at


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