Grosvenor Vale - Wealdstone FC Ground Guide


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Jan 17, 2015
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By popular demand.

How Easy Was The Ground to Get To (from the station, by car, etc)

The club website offers an alternative to the two routes I take because it advises coming off J16 of the M25 onto the A40 and following it to the Polish War Memorial before taking the A4180 for 1.5 miles and then turning right onto Grosvenor Vale. I tend to go via either J4 of the M1 (through Stanmore, Hatch End and Northwood Hills) or via J18 of the M25 (via Rickmansworth, Northwood and the Lido). Both take around half an hour from getting off the motorway. 6/10

By train it's an absolute breeze, Ruislip Manor or Ruislip Station on the Metropolitan or Piccadilly Line of the London Underground (I advise the former) are 5 minute walks from the ground. 9/10

If Applicable, How is Parking Near The Ground?
Loads of street parking around the ground, it would only be a struggle if there was a big cup tie. So long as you don't park on the curbs you'll be fine. 9/10

Based on Where You Were Sat, How Was the View?
I stand behind both goals, the main stand unfortunately isn't cantilevered so there are metal poles obstructing minimal viewing of the pitch. The social club stand (which seats 80) doesn't have this problem. 6/10

How Were The Stewards on The Day?
Our stewards are superb (no bias aside), plenty of opposition supporters have praised their fair but firm approach. 10/10

If You Ate at The Ground, How Would You Rate the Food?
Probably the most controversial subject about a visit to The Vale. I've never been but Stones supporters and opposition supporters opinion is one of when the 'Rollin Kitchen' get it right with their burgers (ie. they are cooked) then it's probably the best burger you'll ever have at a football match. However they have been known beforehand to be undercooked so eat at your own peril. The Steak Chips are a must purchase it has to be said (Edit: Get plenty for what you pay and they look very nice). 8/10

How Was The Atmosphere At The Ground, From Both Sets of Supporters? Does the Stadium Hold the Noise?
To answer the last question, yes. Like most clubs up and down the country, winter/night matches mean a far better atmosphere. The only problem would be if segregation was enforced as away supporters are allocated down the social club side* which has no cover. When the home supporters are condensed into the Bulla Stand, it's loud... very loud. 8/10

How Are the Pubs and Local Attractions in The Local Area?
Pub wise it's awful. One pub in the High Street - Sweeney's, which may now be shut down and a Harvester at the end of the high street. Every fast food chain going though if that's more of your persuasion. There is a Wetherspoons near Ruislip Manor Station if you fancy somewhere cheap and cheerful. Our clubhouse is excellent if I do say so myself. Two guest ales on at all times plus John Smith's on draught. Strongbow is the cider selection and there is Guinness. Lagers on draught are Foster's, Amstel and Kronenbourg. The first two are £3.30 per pint, unfortunately I don't drink the latter but I imagine it's the same price.

If you're wanting a heavy session, drink in Central London before getting the Met Line out at around 2pm.

Local attractions - well the Lido is the obvious attraction. Man made beach which is ideal if you have a family who you're taking to the match, there's also a miniature train which travels around the Lido, a great place to visit at the start or end of the season. 6/10

Overall Score Out of 10?
The supporters have put in hundreds of thousands of pounds in building materials and labour (hours) to try and get the ground fit for purpose. One unique feature the ground has is a gun turret** by Couch Corner and the ground certainly holds a charm factor. Could do better, but could do a lot worse. 7/10



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