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Jan 17, 2015
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London WC1E
How Easy Was The Ground to Get To (from the station, by car, etc)
The ground is a fairly easy 20 minute walk from the station. The station is on the edge of town so you walk back into the town along Mansfield Road, turn left onto Prospect Street, right onto Nottingham Road and then either go left down North Street or Alma Street. If the match is segregated, which is very unlikely, you'll have to access the Alma Street turnstiles. This is a bit dicey as the path to these is a dirt slope. I hate to think what it was like when 2000 odd Grimsby fans were trying to go down there!
Driving, it looks pretty simple to get there either from the M1 and/or the A38
If Applicable, How is Parking Near The Ground?
N/A but it looked pretty easy to me with plenty of street parking in town and I'd assume that there's a car park or two nearby too.
Based on Where You Were Sat, How Was the View?
The Impact Arena is a bit cobbled together as a ground but it's not without its charm. The best place to sit or stand is at the Tin End, which is the only raised terrace and has a small roof over the central part of the terrace, hence its name. You can get a reasonable view of the pitch from there. The two sides are both seated sides, one of which is a converted terrace. They both have lots of pillars in the way and the rake and elevation of the stands are not great. As for the other end, which is basically seats bolted onto an open terrace - no!
How Were The Stewards on The Day?
I found this to be a very relaxed day out with no hassles whatsoever. The police were friendly as well, popping into local pubs to check that everything was ok in a very relaxed manner. It reminded me of Heartbeat!
If You Ate at The Ground, How Would You Rate the Food?
I had a really nice chip cob for £1 and they make proper tea as well so top marks from me.
How Was The Atmosphere At The Ground, From Both Sets of Supporters? Does the Stadium Hold the Noise?
You can get a decent noise going in the Tin End but the rest of the ground isn't that great for atmosphere. However, I think a full ground would have a pretty decent atmosphere.
How Are the Pubs and Local Attractions in The Local Area?
The ground is right in the middle of town so there are a few pubs and places to eat nearby (not that many as the town itself isn't that big!). Alfreton Hall might be worth a visit and of course the Peak District isn't too far away by car.
Overall Score Out of 10?
A basic ground, but it isn't without charm and it's a good away day as well.

What do you think of this review DarkSithLord?


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Jan 17, 2015
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Hey mate thats seems a very fair review. I agree with most of it. On the subject of packing Id say that when their is a big crowd parking can become an issue. There is only only car park opened to fans and thats normally fills up very quickly forcing people to park on the streets and block some of the residents drives which is another issue.

I think somewhere between 6 and 7 out of 10 is bang on the money.
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