Plymouth Argyle vs Wycombe Wanderers

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Bradley Scanlan

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Sep 15, 2014
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Wycombe Wanderers
On Tuesday, Wycombe travel to Plymouth, who currently sit 10th compared to the chairboys sitting in 4th after a fairly impressive start. Despite Wycombe having a very very bad season last year, in the same fixture, Wycombe managed to win the game 3-0 thanks to goals from Dean Morgan, now at Woking, Sam Wood, and loanee Billy Knott, now playing up at Bradford after a release from Sunderland. In the fixture at Adams Park, Plymouth won the game 1-0 thanks to Hourihane.
I think that it will be a tough game for both teams. Wycombe will have to deal with Reuben Reid's physical presence better than they did with Mansfield s 6ft4 Rhead, or we will be punished. Where as a new look Wycombe side, who have had a brilliant start to the season look good in all areas, although we miss a clinical goalscorer. Plymouth will find it tough going forward down the flanks as fullbacks Sido Jombati and Joe Jacobson, who signed on a free in the summer from Cheltenham and Shrewsbury Respectively.

Wycombe's shape will all depend on ex argyle man Cowan Hall, and if he is fit enough to start we will likely line up with a 442 with Ingram, Jombati, Pierre, Mawson and Jacobson at the back, a defence that hasn't changed since the opening day. Cowan Hall, Scowen, Murphy and Wood will most likely look to control the midfield and push on from there, where as skipper Paul Hayes and Matt McClure/Aaron Holloway will look to hit the argyle net.

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