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Jan 17, 2015
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Football Betting Guide

Millions of avid football fans place bets on their favourite teams each week. Some are playing for fun, while others are trying to make a long term profit. No matter what your objective is, we’re going to share our expert knowledge with you. We’ll analyze several different factors that could have a huge impact on the outcome of your wagers.

According to, dozens of punters forget to weigh up some important betting metrics before wagering their cash. You might experience some beginners luck at the start. However, that will eventually run out. Your chances of success will increase if you thoroughly research your bets and the various possibilities.

We’ll show you what to look out for throughout this guide. Whether you’re a seasoned punter with years of experience or a novice who’s learning the ropes, keep on reading. We have plenty of vital information that could help you along the way.

Scrutinize The Statistics

Don’t just back a team because you like them. Make sure that they’re in great form. If you’re betting on a Bundesliga game, for instance, analyze the league table. This will give you an insight into the team’s recent form. Additionally, you’ll want to check how the opposition is performing. If they're at the top of the league and scoring goals for fun, you might want to look elsewhere.

Furthermore, if you’re placing wagers on player-specific markets like the first goalscorer, make sure your selection is hitting the back of the net regularly. If Liverpool’s star striker is out of form, for example, is it possible that the manager could bench him? If so, you might want to think twice before backing him.

Select Your Markets Carefully

We believe in quality over quantity. What’s the point of risking your cash on several bets if you’re going to break even at the end of the day? Study your options and handpick the markets that you think have the best chance of winning. We’d also avoid betting on tight games that could go either way.

Additionally, spend some time researching your options. Most online bookmakers offer hundreds of different markets. You can bet on the match result, double chance, both teams to score, and the total number of goals, among others. Punters can also place outright wagers on competitions like the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup.

Use Betting Products and Features

If you’re playing online, most modern operators have an array of products and features. For example, you can cash your bet out in real-time. Capitalize on these state-of-the-art products. If you bet on football regularly, we’re sure you’ve experienced the pain of a last-minute equalizer ruining your accumulator. However, that doesn't need to be the case.

Finally, look out for bonus offers and price boosts. Lots of online bookies have loyalty schemes and free bet clubs. If you do decide to use these, remember to examine the terms and conditions before you start. Occasionally, free bets have minimum odds and turnover clauses.


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